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Our Story & Mission

Junto Reports is a media and information enterprise dedicated to delivering real-time reports, data, and insights for both the consumer and business markets. We are committed to presenting independent reports and journalism, insightful commentary, and data-driven narratives.

Junto Reports was created by journalists, technologists, business experts and entrepreneurs with a collective mission to develop new approaches for providing up-to-the-minute, objective information for a diverse global audience with a diversity of interests.

The term Junto comes from the mutual improvement society founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1727 called The Junto, which served as a forum for exploring questions of morals, politics and natural philosophy, and exchanging knowledge of business affairs.

Light Wave

Through Junto’s news service — Light Wave — we present an innovative news perspective that offers an impartial, non-partisan chronicling of the day’s most important events. Our diverse team of reporters enables us to capture and curate stories with resonance, ensuring our readers access the information they need, free from the distractions of television or the biases of print media. Our real-time coverage spans both the American and global landscapes, focusing on current events, politics, business, sports, entertainment, and cultural affairs.

Light Wave Team

Morgan Pehme - Editorial Advisor

Morgan is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. He produced and directed the hit Netflix film Get Me Roger Stone, HBO’s critically acclaimed The Swamp, and Discovery+ series The Men Who Sold The World Cup. Morgan was previously Editor-in-Chief of City & State Magazine, where he oversaw a multimedia news service, including a print publication, web platform, video content, and aggregated-content subscriber newsletters. He has been published in The New York Times, Washington Post, New York Daily News, New York Post, Daily Beast, Huffington Post and The Hill. An accomplished chess player, Morgan won the National Scholastic Junior High School Championship, represented the U.S. in the student world championships, and was depicted in the film Searching for Bobby Fischer.

Belal Awad - Writer, Reporter & Producer

Belal is a producer and journalist with a rich and diverse background. Raised in the United Kingdom and having lived ten years in Germany, Belal is of Algerian and Iraqi descent. He has worked on scores of news reports, journalistic stories and investigative documentaries over the last decade. He has also had a hands-on involvement in every aspect of long-form journalistic video production — from research and scripting, to on-camera presentation and narration to rights clearance and every facet of post-production. His investigations have been regularly cited in academic research and used by NGOs as evidence in their lobbying work. His noted documentary report about Namibia has garnered millions of views and provoked a national conversation on apartheid’s legacy and inequality.

Mara LaFontaine - Writer & Reporter

Mara is an accomplished writer and multidisciplinary artist working in film, journalism and digital media. Her academic writing has covered a widely diverse range of topics from non-duality in Hegel and Vajrayana Buddhism to hipsterdom and skincare. She is the lead producer of an upcoming international science documentary. Her journalism is enriched by her broad skillset, passion for storytelling, production and technology experience.

Jake Beardslee - Writer & Reporter

Jake is an accomplished writer, artist, and digital content creator based in Washington, D.C. With a strong background in culture publications such as White Hot Magazine, GUT Magazine, and Neomania, Jake has covered a diverse range of subjects, including economics, fashion, LGBTQIA+ issues, contemporary art, cultural trends, tech, artificial intelligence, and sustainability. He has collaborated with notable brands, such as DollsKill and Delia’s, to produce compelling digital, print and audio advertisements. In his writing, Jake always strives to address contentious subjects with humor and grace.


Professional Excellence

Junto Reports and Light Wave are committed to the public interest. Our editorial standards are defined by professionalism and independence. We are dedicated to upholding the principles of ethical journalism, facilitating the free exchange of accurate, equitable, and comprehensive information. To this end, our content and practices are guided by the tenets set forth in the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists. 

Commitment to Transparency

Transparency is the cornerstone of ethical and objective journalism. Consequently, we are open about the sources we reference in our stories. This includes direct links to primary research documents and third-party news reports. We acknowledge the authors behind our content, and proudly provide (above) detailed biographies of all writers and editors.

Conflicts of Interest

Our allegiance is to the readers we are privileged to serve. The interests of our investors and advertisers are not a consideration in our news coverage. Providing our readers with the highest quality, independent reporting is our first and only priority. 

Fact Checking

Our reporters adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and are expected to provide bona fide sources and appropriate contact information for their stories. Our published content is professionally edited by our dedicated, in-house editors.


Light Wave promptly rectifies any errors in its reporting as soon as it comes to our attention. Once an error is identified, it is submitted to our editorial team for expedited review. Upon their approval, the story is immediately updated accordingly.

Light Wave does not carry sponsored content.


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