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Biden campaign: Impeachment just ‘sham’ to boost Trump 2024 bid

By Jake Beardslee · December 12, 2023

In brief…

  • Biden campaign says impeachment inquiry is ploy to boost Trump's 2024 bid
  • House Republicans set to hold vote authorizing formal impeachment probe
  • WH memo cites hypocrisy given past comments from GOP leaders
The Biden campaign contends the House GOP's impeachment inquiry is merely an attempt orchestrated by Trump allies to weaponize government against political enemies and energize his base for his 2024 campaign.  Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos/Wikimedia

President Biden’s reelection campaign contends that the impeachment inquiry into Biden being pursued by House Republicans is merely a tactic to boost former President Trump’s 2024 campaign, according to a memo from Biden-Harris 2024 communications director Michael Tyler.

“The only, single fact in this entire sham impeachment exercise is that it’s a nakedly transparent ploy by House MAGA Republicans to boost Donald Trump’s presidential campaign,” Tyler said.

The House GOP is set to hold a vote authorizing a formal impeachment inquiry in order to strengthen their legal arguments. This move comes at the urging of Trump, who recently said he would be a “dictator” on his first day back in office if reelected in 2024.

Tyler pointed out the apparent hypocrisy of the impeachment effort, noting that Speaker Mike Johnson said last month there was insufficient evidence to proceed. “What changed? The only branch of government MAGA Republicans control is following through on Donald Trump’s promise to use the levers of government to enact political retribution on his enemies,” Tyler said. “You know, like the followers of a dictator.”

The memo cited vocal Trump supporters in Congress like Rep. Troy Nehls, who wants to give Trump “a little bit of ammo,” and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who said the base needs inspiration to win in 2024. The White House also connected the impeachment effort to far-right House Republicans.

A potential authorization vote comes after former Speaker Kevin McCarthy declared an impeachment inquiry underway months ago. House Republicans hope formalizing the probe will compel more evidence, especially if battles over witnesses and documents end up in court.