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Biden impeachment: Johnson says President ‘lied repeatedly’ on Hunter ties

By Jake Beardslee · October 28, 2023

In brief…

  • House Speaker Johnson says Biden lied about knowledge of Hunter's business dealings
  • Johnson believes there is overwhelming evidence of Biden's involvement with Hunter's activities
  • House Republicans collecting bank records and other documents as part of inquiry
  • Johnson wants to avoid political abuses seen during Trump impeachment process
House Speaker Johnson claimed President Biden lied about his knowledge of Hunter's business dealings as House Republicans continue the impeachment inquiry seeking evidence of Biden's alleged involvement.  The White House / Wikimedia

House Speaker Mike Johnson stated that President Biden has been involved in an “ongoing cover-up” regarding his knowledge of his son Hunter’s business dealings. Johnson claims that Biden has “lied repeatedly” about his involvement with Hunter’s dealings while speaking to Fox News Digital.

The impeachment investigation against Biden was launched by former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in September 2022. Johnson says the inquiry will continue under his leadership in a “methodical” way without a “predetermined outcome.”

Johnson believes there is overwhelming evidence indicating Biden was involved with and benefited from Hunter’s business activities. He points to bank records collected by House Republicans showing money received by the Biden family from foreign entities. The White House maintains Biden has never discussed business with Hunter.

Johnson says many Americans want accountability on this issue. He promises to work through the process appropriately following constitutional procedures. The impeachment power is meant to be used carefully, not as a political tool, Johnson added.

While Democrats may criticize the continued impeachment inquiry as political, Johnson says House Republicans will present facts and follow the truth. He quoted John Adams, saying “facts are stubborn things.”

Johnson was part of President Trump’s impeachment defense team in 2020. He believes Democrats damaged institutions and precedents during that process. Johnson wants to avoid those mistakes with the Biden inquiry.

He hasn’t set a timeline for concluding the investigation. Johnson said he hasn’t pre-judged Biden and wants to draw conclusions based on uncovered facts.