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Biden’s hometown weighs in on ‘Bidenomics’: A mixed report card from Scranton

By Jake Beardslee · December 4, 2023

In brief…

  • Biden claimed on X to view the economy through the eyes of people from his hometown of Scranton
  • Some locals were skeptical of this claim, saying the economy has gotten worse under Biden
  • Others were more mixed, with some willing to give Biden more time but others preferring Trump in 2024
  • There were also mixed views on recent renaming efforts in Scranton to honor Biden
Residents of President Biden's hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania had mixed reactions to his claim that he views the economy through their eyes, with some questioning how well he understands local economic challenges but others willing to give him more time in office.  Adam Schultz/The Mebane Greeting Card Co., Wilkes-Barre, PA./Wikimedia

President Biden recently claimed on X that he views the economy “through the eyes of the people I grew up with in Scranton, Pennsylvania.” However, residents of Biden’s hometown provided mixed reactions to this statement when interviewed.

Some locals, like Mark from nearby Susquehanna, were skeptical of Biden’s perspective. “I don’t believe Biden sees the economy from a local perspective,” he said in an interview with Fox News Digital. Robert Jones from Scranton echoed this view, stating “this economy sucks” and “everything’s going up except paychecks” since Biden took office. When asked their 2024 preferences, both Mark and Jones indicated support for former President Donald Trump.

However, not all Scranton residents were fully critical. Kevin from nearby Moscow felt “all [politicians] see it through the eyes of Washington,” but did not yet have a 2024 favorite. And Betty from Dickson City said while “it’s gotten worse” under Biden, she is willing to give him more time and leans towards him over Trump.

There were also some mixed views on recent efforts to honor Biden in Scranton. The city council renamed the Central Scranton Expressway the “President Biden Expressway” and Spruce Street to “Biden Street,” moves which led to some business costs. While Nellie did not think Biden had “enough to say” about being from Scranton, another local, Mark, saw such efforts as attempts to “revive their downtown.”

Residents offered varying assessments that reflect the complex calculations Biden faces ahead of a potential reelection bid. As 2024 nears, voters across the country will similarly weigh what economic path best suits their lives and livelihoods.