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Budweiser CEO reeling from low sales, angry customers, boycott

By Belal Awad · June 28, 2023

Bud light delivery truck  Wikimedia Commons

Bud Light, one of the leading beer brands in the US market, is reeling from a severe decline in sales, attributed in part to a boycott that gained momentum following a promotion by transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. In a recent interview with CBS, Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth shed light on the challenges faced by the popular beer brand, including a significant drop in sales and a series of PR disasters amidst the ongoing so-called “culture wars”.

According to Brendan, “We’ve talked to over 100,000 consumers and their feedback is very clear. The feedback is to reinforce what Bud Light has always meant to them, which is good times, good will and easy enjoyment.” However the boycott of Bud Light has severly impacted the companies sales and profits with Conservatives like Kid Rock and Travis Tritt joining the fray, joining calls for a boycott of the popular brew.

Regarding the boycott and its impact on the company, Brendan expressed, “It’s the impact, honestly, on the employees that weighs most on me. But again, as I mentioned, seeing the pride and the commitment that they have working on behalf of a 165 plus-year-old American institution is what gives us energy as we look to move forward and focus on what we do best.”Although seemed to downplay the severity of the situation and exhibited a tone-deaf attitude towards the concerns and controversies surrounding the brand.

When addressing consumer feedback, Brendan stated, “We understand the concerns raised by consumers, and we are committed to addressing them head-on.” However, he failed to talk about what concrete measures the company would be taking.

Regarding the summer campaign and upcoming NFL campaign, Brendan’s remarks, he emphasized: “We are committed to reinforcing Bud Light’s image as a symbol of enjoyment and camaraderie.”

When discussing the unrest among distributors and frontline workers, he expressed sympathy, stating, “We deeply regret the incidents that have occurred and the impact they have had on our partners. We stand in solidarity with them, and we are providing financial support to our frontline employees and wholesalers affected by these unfortunate events.”

Despite the evident PR disasters, financial losses and public backlash, Brendan restated his commitment to investing in the brand. He revealed plans to triple the investment in Bud Light this year.

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The article sheds light on the current challenges faced by Bud Light, one of the leading beer brands in the US market. The severe decline in sales, coupled with a boycott sparked by a promotion involving transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, has put the brand in a precarious position. The controversy surrounding Bud Light and the boycott are indicative of the broader “culture wars” that have divided public opinion.