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Christie predicts ‘mayhem’ and ‘vendetta presidency’ in second Trump term

By Jake Beardslee · February 6, 2024

In brief…

  • Christie believes Trump will fill his administration with unqualified loyalists focused on "retribution."
  • Trump will use government power to punish perceived "disloyalty," Christie warned.
  • Though Trump recently denied plans for "retribution," Christie remains very concerned.
  • Former Trump ally Chris Christie predicts chaos and score-settling if Trump wins in 2024.
Chris Christie warned in an interview that a second Trump term would bring "mayhem" and a "vendetta presidency."  DonkeyHotey/Wikimedia

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, former Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie warned that if Donald Trump wins reelection in 2024, his second term will be characterized by “mayhem” and a “vendetta presidency.”

Christie acknowledged Trump “got a lot of good people to work for him” in his first term, naming experienced officials like Rex Tillerson, Jim Mattis, and Bill Barr. But he said, “I cannot imagine the crew that he’ll put together [in a second term].” Christie predicted Trump will fill his administration with “people who have no business being in senior positions in the federal government.”

According to Christie, Trump will bring “an eye much different than in ‘16. In ‘16, he was scared. He didn’t expect to win, and he was intimidated by the presidency when he first got there. He will not be this time.” Christie believes we should “take him at his word” that this will be a “vendetta presidency” focused on “retribution.”

Christie warned Trump will “use the levers of government to punish the people who he believes have been disloyal to him or to his approach.” Though Trump has recently said he won’t have “time for retribution,” Christie remains concerned.