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Ex-Trumper Hutchinson claims WH Chief Meadows burned key docs

By CM Chaney · September 25, 2023

In brief…

  • In her new book, former Trump aide Cassidy Hutchinson alleges White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows frequently burned documents.
  • Hutchinson claims Meadows destroyed documents after meeting with Rep. Scot Perry about overturning the election.
  • Hutchinson also alleges in her book - to be released Tuesday - that Rudy Giuliani groped her before a January 6 rally.
Cassidy Hutchinson's (above) new book levels fresh allegations of document burning by Mark Meadows in last days of the Trump administration.  Tom Williams (Roll Call)/Wikimedia

A new memoir by Cassidy Hutchinson, former aide to President Donald Trump’s White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, makes new allegations about document destruction and inappropriate behavior in the final days of the Trump administration.

Hutchinson claims that Meadows frequently burned documents in his office fireplace, to the point that his wife complained to Hutchinson about the smell and the cost of the dry cleaning needed to remove the stench.

Hutchinson says Meadows burned documents after meetings with Rep. Scott Perry about election issues and about Vice President Pence’s role on January 6th.

Hutchinson also alleges that Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani groped her before a January 6th rally, saying she felt his “frozen fingers trail up my thigh.”

The book, “Enough,” comes out Tuesday and adds detail to Hutchinson’s controversial testimony before the January 6th Committee last year.

In May 2022, she said Meadows burned documents “maybe a dozen times,” but now specifies it happened two to four times after Scott Perry visited. Hutchinson claims she decided to speak out despite wanting to remain loyal to Trump, citing her duty to the country versus the administration.

Meadows and Giuliani deny any wrongdoing, while Trump has not commented.