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Foolish Fetterman tweet over hoodie-price inflation backfires

By CM Chaney · September 26, 2023

In brief…

  • Sen. John Fetterman attempted to mock a New York Times columnist's viral tweet about inflation.
  • Fetterman claimed his hoodie cost a flat $78, but a GOP aide fact-checked him and found that the hoodie's price has actually increased 20% under Biden due to inflation.
  • The incident left Fetterman red-faced after his claim was thoroughly debunked.
  • Haven't these people better things to do?
Sen. John Fetterman was left embarrassed last week when he inaccurately tried to mock claims over high, Biden-era inflation.  DonkeyHotey/Creative Commons

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) found himself on the receiving end of a fact check last week after attempting to mock New York Times columnist David Brooks over a tweet about inflation.

The incident began when Brooks tweeted about spending $78 on lunch at Newark Liberty International Airport, suggesting it illustrated the impact of inflation on American consumers.

Fetterman seized on the viral tweet as an opportunity to glom some publicity, posting a photo of himself in his signature hooded sweatshirt with the caption, “This hoodie cost me $78. This is why Fox News thinks the economy is terrible.”

Screenshot of Fetterman's hoodie tweet.  @senFettermanPA/X

Enter Logan Dobson. The Republican operative and former Senate aide did some quick research and found Fetterman’s claim was just plain wrong.

Dobson tweeted that while the sweatshirt initially retailed for around $50, its price had increased in recent years.

“I took 10 seconds to check prices on Carhartt hoodies, and it turns out they’re up 20% in price since Biden was inaugurated. That kind of inflation is noticed by Americans,” Dobson wrote.

The incident left Fetterman red-faced after his dig backfired. Brooks had already apologized for his original viral tweet after it was revealed that his $78 lunch bill included two $30 double whiskeys. The burger and fries he ate cost a more down-to-Earth 17 bucks.

Fetterman has recently pushed for a dramatically relaxed dress code in the Senate so that he can wear his pedestrian casual shorts and sweatshirts instead of formal suits. Last week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) responded by changing the rules to accommodate Fetterman’s low-brow style - much to the chagrin of Senate Republicans and even a smattering of Senate Democrats.