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Get Out: Judge Sides With Katy Perry To Evict Disabled Veteran

By CM Chaney · November 11, 2023

In brief…

  • Judge rules in favor of Katy Perry/Orlando Bloom in legal battle over California mansion purchase
  • Seller Carl Westcott claimed he lacked mental capacity to agree to $14.2M sale
  • Judge found no evidence Westcott couldn't consent; next phase is damages trial
  • Perry faced criticism for evicting elderly previous owner against his wishes
A Los Angeles judge sided with Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom in their legal fight against a disabled veteran over the purchase of his lavish California estate, but the case will proceed to a damages trial where Perry is expected to testify.  Ali Shaker/VOA / Wikimedia

A Los Angeles judge ruled in favor of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom in their legal battle over a lavish California mansion they purchased from disabled veteran Carl Westcott.

Judge Joseph Lipner found Westcott lacked substantial evidence to support his claim of lacking mental capacity when contracting to sell the $14.2 million Montecito property to the couple in 2021.

Perry’s attorney Eric Rowen said in a statement, “The evidence overwhelmingly shows that Mr. Westcott breached the contract simply because he changed his mind.” He hinted at the next phase of the trial over damages starting February 13.

Westcott’s son Chart told media his father’s name was misspelled and Katy Perry will have to testify in person about her claimed damages, confronting “possible sanctions for perjury.”

The trial saw Westcott’s lawyer argue he had dementia, delirium and was on painkillers from recent surgery when he agreed to the 2020 sale. But Judge Lipner questioned the consistency of Westcott’s medical expert regarding his condition while negotiating.

Perry faced criticism for seemingly evicting the elderly man against his wishes. But her team argued Westcott had just bought the home six weeks prior and actively pursued negotiations, rejecting Perry’s initial $13.5 million offer.

In a 2020 letter, Perry and Bloom spoke of raising their family there. But documents show their motive was to rent out the property for profit, contradicting the personal residence claim.

Despite Perry’s victory, she is expected to testify at the upcoming damages trial before the case concludes. Her 2015 legal dispute with nuns over a Los Angeles property sale drew similar scrutiny.