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GOP congressman slams museum’s ‘offensive’ Satanic Christmas tree

By Jake Beardslee · November 27, 2023

In brief…

  • Wisconsin museum displayed Satanic Temple's Christmas tree, sparking backlash
  • GOP Rep. Mike Gallagher criticized the tree as "propaganda"
  • Some argue tree thrusts unwanted conversations on unsuspecting parents
  • Joey Jones advised not taking the "bait" but also respecting free speech
A Wisconsin museum faced criticism from a GOP congressman for featuring a Christmas tree decorated by the Satanic Temple alongside traditional holiday displays.  Crystalscryer/Elvenjewel777/Wikimedia

A Wisconsin museum is facing criticism after featuring a Christmas tree decorated by the Satanic Temple of Wisconsin as part of its annual Christmas tree festival, according to Fox News Digital. The tree was displayed alongside 65 other trees at the National Railroad Museum in Ashwaubenon. Its red lighting, pentagrams, and an ornament reading “Hail Santa” invoked backlash from Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.), who called it “cultural propaganda” that is “offensive.”

“Conservatives are often accused of launching a culture war or focusing or fixating on cultural issues. But here is a perfect example of how that’s not what’s happening. What’s happening is we’re just trying to defend basic traditions or defend our children in the midst of these basic traditions, from the encroachment of woke ideology or offensive upside down cultural propaganda,” Gallagher said on Sunday Morning Futures.

The tree sparked debate among a Fox News panel about First Amendment rights and the alleged intent to provoke. Fox News senior correspondent Alicia Acuna commented, “You also have to think about parents who are now ending up in conversations that they didn’t expect because they were just going to see a bunch of Christmas trees.”

Contributor Joey Jones said, “I believe in the First Amendment… They’re trying to bait you and attack them. Tell them they can’t put their tree there, so they can go sue you. They’re organizations like that exist under the guise of the First Amendment. You got to be smarter, and you got to see it coming. And you can’t give up things just because they show up.”