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IRS agents share Hunter Biden texts: Dad, can you spare some dough?

By Jake Beardslee · September 28, 2023

In brief…

  • Hunter Biden told his uncle in 2018 he was out of money and needed help from his father, Joe Biden.
  • The texts were revealed by IRS whistleblowers from their agency's investigation into Hunter.
  • James Biden replied the plan could work with more financial help from Joe.
  • The texts shed additional light on possible Biden family financial misdeeds.
According to text messages from 2018, Hunter Biden told his uncle he had exhausted his finances and needed financial help from father Joe.  DonkeyHotey/Wikimedia

Newly revealed text messages indicate Hunter Biden told his Uncle James Biden in 2018 that he had exhausted his finances and needed financial help from his father, President Joe Biden.

Hunter said the millions he had acquired from foreign business ventures was “all gone,” and he could no longer pay for his three daughters’ school tuitions or basic living costs, according to IRS whistleblower documents.

“I can work when I’m in NYC all day, every day for the next 3 months,” Hunter wrote December 29, 2018 to his uncle. “But I can’t pay alimony w/o Dad or tuitions or for food and gas. Really, it’s all gone.”

Hunter also said he planned on moving into his father’s Delaware home now that his relationship with Hallie Biden, his former sister-in-law, had deteriorated.

“Hallie won’t allow me to be at the house or lend me or pay me back any money,” he wrote.

James Biden replied that he thought the plan would work with some extra “help” from Joe Biden.

“This can work. You need a safe harbor. I can work with your father alone!! We, as usual, just need several months of his help for this to work. Let’s talk about it. It makes perfect sense to me. This is difficult to fully vet without talking,” Uncle James responded.

The exchange complicates a previous January 2019 message, when Hunter claimed to have given his father “half” his salary.

The texts provide more information on the financial dealings by the Biden family, which have been scrutinized by House Republicans.