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It Hasn’t Been This Warm in Over 125,000 Years! - Climate Expert

By Belal Awad · July 27, 2023

Wildfire in the Bitterroot National Forest in Montana, United States  John McColgan/Wikimedia Commons

Anthony Robert Hobley has some sobering news for the world: “The global average temperature of the planet is now about 1.2% above pre-industrial levels - it hasn’t been this warm in over 125,000 years,” he declared.

The World Economic Forum Executive Fellow told Al Jazeera the unprecedented series of extreme weather events this year amounts to nothing short of a major global event: “I think for the first time we’re seeing them reported as a global phenomenon. We’ve had many extreme weather events, particularly over the last few years… Records seem to get broken… every year or two… We’re talking about records being broken right across the world now that were only broken 24, 48 months ago in many places. I think what’s unprecedented is we are seeing this reported as a global phenomenon… from records being broken in Tokyo, in China, in Greece, in Rome, in the United States.”

While advancements in renewable eergy offer hope, Hobley noted the lack of political will in phasing out fossil fuels quickly enough. “We have to phase down fossil fuels and phase them out much faster than we’re doing,” he insisted, stressing the link between the increased rate of volatile weather events and the increased density of greenhouse gases.

According to Hobley, as global temperatures continue to surge, the implications are vast and far reaching, demanding immediate attention from the international community. He added that climate change has the potential to inflict even greater consequences on nations in the Global South, exacerbating already severe economic inequalities. Hobley said the logical solution is for the industrialized nations to support developing countries, adding, “The poorer countries in the world are going to have less resources without help from the rest of the world to adapt.”

Wealthier nations, Hobley argued, must extend a helping hand and ensure that financial and technological assistance reaches those most vulnerable to the effects of climate change impacts.

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The interview with Anthony Robert Hobley provides insight into the severity and immediacy of the ongoing climate crisis and the need for swift policy responses. The consequences for both developed and developing nations are potentially staggering. Hobley believes the increasing incidence of extreme weather around the world is a human-made phenomenon, which will require a human-made solution. In particular, Hobley believes the industrialized nations must pool the resources to help the poorer nations of the Global South contend with the costs and effects of climate change. And they must do so now.