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Jamie Foxx Breaks Silence on Near-Death Health Battle: ‘I Went to Hell and Back’

By Jake Beardslee · July 23, 2023

In brief…

  • Jamie Foxx revealed new details about his mysterious illness in an emotional Instagram video.
  • The Oscar-winning actor was hospitalized in April for an undisclosed medical emergency, sparking rumors about his health.
  • He said he stayed out of the public eye because "I didn't want you to see me with with tubes running out of me."
  • Despite the ordeal, he vowed to continue making movies.
Actor Jamie Foxx opened up for the first time about the mysterious illness that hospitalized him earlier this year.  Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

In an emotional Instagram video posted Friday night, Oscar-winning actor and singer Jamie Foxx revealed new details about the mysterious illness that hospitalized him in April and sparked rumors of a brush with death.

“I went through something that I thought I would never, ever go through,” Foxx said in the video. “I didn’t want you to see me with with tubes running out of me.”

Foxx, 55, was working on a film project in Atlanta earlier this year when he was hospitalized for an undisclosed medical emergency. At the time, his condition was kept “air tight,” leading to intense speculation over his long-term health.

“Some people said I was I was blind. But as you can see, as you can see, the eyes are working,” Foxx said in the new video.

While his daughter posted in May that Foxx was out of the hospital and playing sports again, the actor himself has not directly addressed his illness until now.

“I was sick. I went to hell and back,” Foxx said emotionally. He credited his sister, daughter and medical staff for getting him through the harrowing health battle.

“If you see me out. from now on and every once in a while I just burst into tears it’s because it’s been tough, man,” Foxx said. “I love all y’all. I’m on my way back.”

Though the cause of his hospitalization remains undisclosed, Foxx said he wants fans to remember him for his work. The video came the same day his new Netflix film, “Day Shift,” was released.

Foxx vowed to keep making movies. “Some of them good. Some of them ain’t,” he said. But after the traumatic health scare, he’s thankful to be back.