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Liberal John Cusack blasts ‘Obama corporatist’ Dems for selling out

By CM Chaney · September 22, 2023

In brief…

  • Actor John Cusack slammed the Democratic Party elite in a lengthy post on Twitter this week.
  • The Sixteen Candles star is well known for his political activism and left-wing views.
  • He said out-of-touch Democrats are pushing voters towards supporting Donald Trump.
  • Cusack said he is in disbelief over Democratic opposition to a wealth tax.
In a scathing post, liberal actor John Cusack blasted Democrats for 'abandoning' the working class and pushing voters to Donald Trump.  Brave New Films/Flickr

Actor John Cusack launched a blistering attack on the Democratic Party elite this week, accusing them of selling out the working class for decades, and arguing they do not have “moral and intellectual honesty.”

Cusack blamed top-flight Democrats for pushing people towards supporting Republicans such as Donald Trump.

Cusack specifically targeted what he calls “Obama corporatist Democrats,” claiming that many of them are further to the right on domestic policy than Richard Nixon, in a scathing post on Twitter.

He also criticized them for taking Barack Obama’s famous “hope and change” slogan and transforming it into nothing more than “another branded hustle.”

The Hollywood actor, known for his left-wing views and political activism, has been vocal about supporting trade unions and advocating for wealth distribution.

His latest statement was prompted by an article from the socialist publication Jacobin Magazine, which highlighted opposition by many Democrats to a federal wealth tax.

Cusack voiced his disbelief and frustration over the Democratic tax policies, sarcastically wondering what Franklin D. Roosevelt would think of such opposition. He also condemned the culture of cronyism in politics, accusing Democrats of protecting the interests of the wealthy at the expense of the working class.

The actor ended his post saying that by losing touch with the concerns of ordinary people, Democrats have paved the way for Trump’s brand of relatable brand of populist politics.