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Liz Cheney: Americans deserve truth about Trump actions before 2024 election

By Jake Beardslee · March 1, 2024

In brief…

  • Liz Cheney says Trump election interference trial must happen before 2024 race
  • Polling shows most Americans think Trump trials are legitimate
  • Delaying trial could allow Trump to evade accountability if re-elected
  • Democrats urged to convey trial delay deprives public of truth about Trump actions
Liz Cheney argues Donald Trump's election interference trial must occur before 2024, providing Democrats with a new line of attack against Trump and the Supreme Court according to columnist Greg Sargent.  Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian/Wikimedia

Former Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney made waves this week by arguing that Donald Trump’s case regarding his efforts to overturn the 2020 election must go to trial before the 2024 presidential race. Writing in The New Republic, columnist Greg Sargent says Cheney has given Democrats a “weapon” to wield against both Trump and the Supreme Court.

Cheney released a statement shortly after the Supreme Court agreed to hear Trump’s claims that his election interference constituted legitimate presidential powers immune from prosecution. She emphasized the need to have the case tried by November, saying any delays would “suppress critical evidence that Americans deserve to hear.”

Sargent contends Democrats should echo Cheney’s call for an expedited pre-election trial to prevent Trump from stopping the prosecutions if he wins in 2024. He writes, “Trump is seeking these delays to end all prosecutions of himself if he regains the White House — to corruptly place himself above the law by pardoning himself or having his handpicked lickspittle attorney general do it.”

The columnist cites polling indicating most Americans view the cases against Trump as legitimate. He argues Democrats must convey to voters that a Trump victory would deprive them of the truth about his post-election conduct in 2020.

Though hesitant about demanding the Supreme Court adhere to a political timeline, Sargent says Trump created an unprecedented situation by trying to “nullify constitutional democracy to seize power in defiance of lawful processes.” He continues, “He’s demanding total immunity for any crimes he committed toward that end.”

Sargent concludes Democrats should clearly state that if the Court enables trial delays until after 2024, it will enable Trump to evade accountability by pardoning himself or having an ally do so.