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McDonald’s brings back Double Big Mac, teasing ‘superior value’ big burgers ahead

By Jake Beardslee · January 10, 2024

In brief…

  • McDonald's is bringing back the Double Big Mac with 4 patties for a limited time starting January 24
  • The Double Big Mac first appeared briefly in 2020 before being removed during COVID-19 restrictions
  • Its return showcases improvements McDonald's has made to its burgers like softer buns and extra sauce
  • McDonald's CEO says customers want bigger burgers, Double Big Mac tests demand before permanent additions
  • Bigger burgers come as customers look for value, McDonald's aims to balance size and cost
McDonald's limited-time Double Big Mac signals the fast food chain's exploration of bigger burgers to permanently add to its menus, as it looks to balance customer demand for size with value amid high inflation.  Valerie Everett/Wikimedia

McDonald’s is bringing back a blast from the past that also offers a glimpse into the future. Beginning January 24, the fast food giant will reintroduce the Double Big Mac on menus nationwide for a limited time. The indulgent burger packs four beef patties instead of the regular Big Mac’s two patties.

McDonald’s first rolled out the Double Big Mac in March 2020, just as the Covid-19 pandemic exploded across America. With lockdowns and restrictions in place, most restaurants - including McDonald’s - were forced to reduce hours, limit service, and trim down menus. The short-lived Double Big Mac was an early casualty.

Now it’s back, showcasing recent tweaks McDonald’s has made to its core burger lineup. New Big Macs feature softer buns, improved cheese melt, and extra signature sauce. The revival of the Double Big Mac spotlights these enhancements in an amped up package.

For fast food chains, limited-time offerings like the Double Big Mac often serve as marketing ploys to generate buzz and keep customers from straying to competitors. But McDonald’s may have more in mind this time around.

Last month, McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski told CNN the company recognizes customers want bigger burger options. Bringing back the Double Big Mac allows McDonald’s to test demand for larger sandwiches utilizing existing ingredients and without additional preparation work for employees.

Kempczinski said McDonald’s is “working on” new bigger burgers to permanently add to menus. The temporary return of the Double Big Mac appears to be part of that process.

The push for bigger burgers comes as many consumers aim to curb spending amid high inflation. A pricey McDonald’s burger recently went viral as a symbol of rising costs. Kempczinski believes McDonald’s can balance size and value.

“We think we’re going to be able to deliver a great tasting large burger at a superior value to what [customers] can get anywhere else,” he said.

With the Double Big Mac’s comeback, value-seeking customers can get a sneak peek at what might be on the horizon - bigger burgers on McDonald’s menus.