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Missouri teacher facing 20 years in prison for sending nude pictures to student

By CM Chaney · October 27, 2023

In brief…

  • Missouri teacher allegedly sent nudes to 16-year-old student, invited him for sex
  • Rikki Lynn Laughlin, 24, faces 6 felonies for pursuing relationship over Snapchat
  • Laughlin is married with 1-year-old daughter
  • Student claims Laughlin sent graphic video, kissed him, things progressed fast
  • Laughlin asked teen to delete exchanges; claimed she didn't know his age
  • Classmate expressed dismay over situation online
  • Laughlin faces 20+ years if convicted on one charge
A Missouri high school teacher is facing multiple felonies for allegedly sending nude photos to a 16-year-old student, kissing him, and inviting him over for sex while her husband was away.  Maries County Sherriff

A female teacher in Missouri allegedly sent nude photos to a 16-year-old student and invited him over for sex while her husband was out of town.

Rikki Lynn Laughlin, 24, a special education teacher at St. James High School, is accused of sending the explicit images and pursuing the relationship over Snapchat, according to the Maries County Sheriff’s Department.

The married mother-of-one faces six felony charges for the alleged actions with the student. Laughlin married Grant Laughlin, 23, in June 2022 and they have a one-year-old daughter together.

The teen claims Laughlin sent him a graphic video and that they kissed, with “things progressing fast” after she reached out on Snapchat. Laughlin allegedly invited the boy to her home for sex while her husband was away.

The student made excuses not to meet Laughlin due to feeling uncomfortable, he told police. After rumors spread, Laughlin asked the teen to delete their exchanges, citing fear of jail.

The school district reported the relationship and detectives found some of the nude images. Laughlin allegedly didn’t deny receiving photos but insisted the student initiated things. She claimed she didn’t know he was a minor until recently.

Police found a video on Laughlin’s phone like the one described by the student. The age of consent in Missouri is 17.

A classmate expressed dismay over the situation online, saying people congratulated the victim and praised Laughlin’s looks.

Laughlin faces charges including child pornography possession, tampering with evidence, and sexual trafficking of a child. Just one charge could bring 20+ years in prison.