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Newark sinks to last place in airport rankings - Detroit is No. 1

By CM Chaney · September 21, 2023

In brief…

  • Newark Airport ranked worst in customer satisfaction in North America. Detroit ranked best.
  • Toronto Airport was second-worst largely due to a 50% increase in passengers and consequent crowding.
  • Overall customer satisfaction for the entire airport sector improved slightly compared to last year.
  • Other top-ranked airports include Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Las Vegas, Dallas/Ft Worth, and Miami.
A new customer statisfaction report from J.D. Power ranks Detroit airport best and Newark airport (above) worst in North America.  Schvaxet/Wikimedia

A new report rating airports in North America has pegged Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey as the worst for customer satisfaction.

Newark nose-dived to the bottom with just 732 points out of a possible 1,000.

“The more passengers, the lower the satisfaction scores,” Michael Taylor of J.D. Power, which conducted the report. “But that’s a problem an airport wants to have,” he told CNN Travel, explaining that more passengers typically yields more complaints because of crowding, it also means more business and revenues for the airport.

Second-worst was Toronto Pearson International Airport with 749 points. Taylor blamed a “50 percent increase in passenger volume year-on-year” for the poor rating at the airport, which served over 35 million passengers in 2022.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport ranked third-worst, followed by Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Rounding out the bottom five was Boston Logan International Airport, with a score of 762.

At the other end of the spectrum, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport was voted the best for customer satisfaction with a score of 800, improving in all evaluation categories. Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport came in a close second at 796 points.

Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas earned the third spot with 787 points despite a record high 52.7 million passengers last year. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Miami International Airport tied for fourth place with 783 points each.

Although some major hubs continue to suffer from crowding and long lines, Taylor says the slight bump in industry-wide customer satisfaction shows that “the slowing of crowding will have a positive effect on scores.”