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No More Titan Subs For You! German Billionaire Adventurer Says ‘Nein’ To Future Deep Dives

By Belal Awad · June 29, 2023

Oceangate Submersible "Cyclops I" Prototype  Wikimedia Commons

Arthur Loibl
, a passenger who had previously embarked on a submersible journey to the Titanic in 2021, shared his firsthand account of the experience of being on Titan submersible and living to tell the tale, in an interview with FOX News. The submersible, which was on a mission to explore the remains of the Titanic imploded, resulting in the tragic loss of all five individuals on board. 

Loibl’s recollection of his descent into the depths of the ocean aboard the Titan submersible is filled with a mix of anxiety and anticipation. “It’s hard to describe going down. Very nervous. Expecting. Will we reach the bottom?” he recalled. Upon reaching the Titanic wreckage, his apprehension gave way to awe. “When we reached the bow, it’s unbelievable. You cannot describe it with words. It was amazing,” he said.

The recent tragedy involving the Titan submersible, which imploded during a mission to explore the Titanic wreckage, has led to the loss of all five individuals on board. The US Coast Guard has initiated an investigation into the cause of the implosion. Concurrently, medical professionals are working to positively identify the remains of the victims.

Loibl, having been on a similar submersible just two years prior, grappled with the reality of the recent tragedy. “It was very hard for me to understand what happened… two people I know died in this sub. I feel very, very bad. But also, I’m very happy to survive this trip,” he expressed. When asked about his willingness to embark on future submersible expeditions, Loibl voiced his reservations, particularly about vessels like the Titanic submersible. “On a submersible, I will go, but not on a submersible like the Titanic. It was not experienced enough,” he emphasized.

The ongoing investigation by the US Coast Guard aims to unravel the circumstances leading to the tragic implosion of the Titanic submersible. The findings could have significant implications for the future of submersible expeditions, prompting a reevaluation of safety protocols and standards. In light of this heartbreaking incident, it is crucial to recognize the inherent risks associated with deep-sea exploration and prioritize safety to protect those who venture into the depths in pursuit of discovery.

OceanGate, a company known for its deep-sea exploration missions, has been chronicling the decay of the Titanic and the underwater ecosystem surrounding it through yearly voyages since 2021. 

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Commentary: The tragedy surrounding the implosion of the Titanic submersible has sent shockwaves through the exploration community and the world in general. The incident has brought to the forefront the inherent risks and challenges that accompany such ventures. 

Loibl’s doubts about the readiness and safety of the submersible raise questions about the level of expertise and preparation required for deep-sea exploration. As the investigation progresses, the findings will no doubt affect future safety regulations.

Media coverage surrounding the deaths of these five billionaires has provoked critics to point out the contrast in attention given to these 5 billionaires and the loss of life of refugees who perish at sea on a regular basis without receiving similar levels of attention or concern.