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On This Day In History - March 22

By CM Chaney · March 22, 2024

On This Day In History - March 22

"On This Day in History" is a captivating journey through time, revisiting the most significant events that have occurred on this very date throughout the years.

From monumental political decisions and groundbreaking scientific discoveries to unforgettable moments in sports and cultural milestones, each article in this series will transport you back to a specific day, offering a glimpse into the past and revealing how these events have shaped our world.

Join us as we uncover the fascinating stories that have left an indelible mark on history.  Wikimedia

1599: Flemish Baroque Master Anthony van Dyck Born in Antwerp

Anthony van Dyck, the most renowned Flemish painter of the 17th century after Peter Paul Rubens, was born on this day in Antwerp, Belgium.  Wikimedia/Anthony van Dyck

1622: Powhatan Leader Opechancanough Attacks Jamestown, Sparking War

Opechancanough, successor to Chief Powhatan, led an assault on the Jamestown Colony, killing at least 347 settlers and triggering the Powhatan War between the Native Americans and English colonists.  Wikimedia

1638: Anne Hutchinson Expelled from Massachusetts Bay Colony for Religious Beliefs

Anne Hutchinson was exiled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony due to her liberal religious views, leading her to co-found the colony of Rhode Island.  Wikimedia/Edwin Austin Abbey

1765: British Parliament Enacts Controversial Stamp Act, Angering American Colonies

The British Parliament passed the Stamp Act on this day in 1765, imposing taxes on printed materials in the colonies, sparking widespread discontent and opposition in America.  Wikimedia/Library of Congress

1820: U.S. Navy Commissioner Stephen Decatur Falls in Duel

Stephen Decatur, a prominent U.S. Navy Commissioner, lost his life in a duel on this day, cutting short a distinguished naval career.  Wikimedia/Alonzo Chappel

1832: Literary Giant Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Dies in Weimar

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the renowned German author and philosopher regarded as the nation's greatest modern literary figure, passed away on this day in Weimar, Saxe-Weimar.  Wikimedia/Joseph Karl Stieler

1894: Montreal Amateur Athletic Association Wins Inaugural Stanley Cup

The Montreal Amateur Athletic Association emerged victorious in the first-ever Stanley Cup championship, securing their place in ice hockey history on this day.  Wikimedia/Mykola Swarnyk

1908: Western Author Louis L'Amour, Known for Authentic Frontier Stories, Born

Louis L'Amour, the American author renowned for his meticulously researched and widely popular Western novels depicting life on the frontier, was born on this day.  Wikimedia/Thomas J. Kravitz, Los Angeles Times

1929: Yayoi Kusama, Iconic Japanese 'Obsessional Artist,' Born

Yayoi Kusama, the influential Japanese artist known for her signature polka dots and immersive Infinity Mirror Rooms, was born on this day.  Wikimedia/George Quasha

1934: First Masters Tournament Tees Off at Augusta National

The inaugural Masters Tournament, now one of golf's most prestigious events, was held at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia on this day.  Wikimedia/Boston Public Library

1945: Arab League Formed in Cairo by Seven Middle Eastern Nations

Seven Middle Eastern countries - Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Transjordan (now Jordan), Saudi Arabia, and Yemen - united to establish the Arab League in Cairo.  Wikimedia/Sardor020609

1948: Andrew Lloyd Webber, Revitalizer of Musical Theatre, Born in England

Andrew Lloyd Webber, the English composer behind iconic musicals like Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar, and The Phantom of the Opera, was born on this day, leaving an indelible mark on modern theatre.  Wikimedia/Qwertyytrewqqwerty

1972: U.S. Senate Passes Equal Rights Amendment, But Ratification Falls Short

The U.S. Senate approved the Equal Rights Amendment, guaranteeing legal gender equality, but it ultimately failed to secure ratification by the required 38 states before the deadline.  Wikimedia/U.S. National Archives

2004: Hamas Co-Founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin Killed in Israeli Missile Strike

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the co-founder of the Palestinian militant group Hamas, was killed in an Israeli missile attack on this day in 2004.  Wikimedia

2019: Mueller Report on Russian Election Interference Delivered, Doesn't Exonerate Trump

Special Counsel Robert Mueller submitted his report on Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election to Attorney General William Barr, stating it did not exonerate President Donald Trump of wrongdoing.  Wikimedia/The White House