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Philadelphia Mass Shooter stopped by “Good Samaritan” with illegal gun: Philadelphia City Vice Chair

By Belal Awad · July 5, 2023

In brief…

  • A mass shooting in Philadelphia resulted in five deaths, including a mother and two children.
  • The tragedy occurred near the residence of Omar Sabir, Vice-Chair of the Philadelphia City Commissioners.
  • Sabir discussed the incident and the broader issue of mass shootings in America.
  • He acknowledged the response of the Philadelphia Police Department and a civilian's actions that may have prevented more casualties.
  • Despite the impact on Philadelphia's image, Sabir stated the incident should not define the city.
  • The need for reflection on such acts and implementing preventative measures was highlighted.
A Philadelphia Police Vehicle  Wikimedia Commons

Philadelphia was plunged into mourning after a mass shooting left five people dead, including a mother and two children. The shooter was wearing body armour and had “more ammunition” but was stopped in his tracks by police and a member of the public, according to Philadelphia Vice Chair Omar Sabir, speaking to FOX News. The shooting was one of a whopping 16 similar incidents across the US. It occurred in close proximity to the residence of Sabir, who is himself a father of seven. Sabir expressed his shock and grief over the tragedy, stating “I am deeply shocked and distressed upon learning about this tragedy.” He highlighted the nationwide nature of the problem: “Mass shootings have a widespread impact across America, transcending boundaries of geography, socioeconomic status, and race.”

Sabir commended the swift response of the Philadelphia Police Department, praising their bravery by saying “I commend the Philadelphia Police Department for their bravery.” He also acknowledged the actions of a civilian who engaged the shooter with an illegal firearm, potentially preventing further casualties. “It’s like there was so much courage going all across the board. We banded together to actually stop what could have been worse because, again, he had body armor, He had more ammunition. Who knows how far he would have gone had it not been, again, for the valor of the Philadelphia Police Department and of that good Samaritan who was actually shooting at the suspect.”

The “good samaritan”, initially thought to be a second suspect, will not face charges according to ongoing investigations. Sabir confirmed “The apparent second suspect mentioned initially turned out to be a good Samaritan who was firing at the suspect. As per ongoing investigations, this individual will not face charges.”

Despite the impact on Philadelphia’s image, Sabir emphasized that this isolated incident should not define the city. He stressed that “This isolated tragedy should not define the city. Philadelphia, known as the birthplace of democracy and a diverse metropolis, will recover from this tragedy, just like other cities affected by mass shootings.”

As the city grapples with the aftermath, the need for societal reflection on such violent acts has become increasingly urgent. Addressing root causes and implementing preventative measures will be crucial in healing the wounds left by this devastating incident.