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Police: Texas mom killed disabled son, lied about his disappearance, fled to India

By CM Chaney · November 1, 2023

In brief…

  • Texas mother Cindy Rodriguez-Singh indicted for capital murder in presumed death of disabled 6-year-old son Noel
  • Noel was last seen in 2021, reported missing in 2022; cadaver dogs detected remains at family's rented home
  • Police believe Rodriguez-Singh was abusive to Noel, used him for government benefits, then killed him
  • Rodriguez-Singh and husband fled to India after Noel disappeared; she faces charges including capital murder
A Texas mother was indicted on capital murder charges for the presumed killing of her disabled 6-year-old son who she reported missing last year before fleeing with her family to India.  Everman Police

A Texas mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, 37, was indicted on capital murder charges this week in relation to the presumed death of her disabled 6-year-old son, Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez. The child was reported missing in March 2022 but was last seen alive in November 2021.

The Tarrant County grand jury indicted Rodriguez-Singh on Monday on charges of capital murder, two counts of injury to a child, and abandoning a child. Investigators believe she and the boy’s stepfather fled to India with their other children just days after Noel was reported missing.

Police said cadaver dogs detected human remains had once been present underneath a porch at the family’s rented home in Everman, Texas. However, attempts to locate or recover Noel’s body have so far been unsuccessful.

“All of which have been ruled out, leaving us down to one simple conclusion, that he was murdered,” said Everman Police Chief C.W. Spencer. He said the mother used Noel, who had mental and physical disabilities, to receive government benefits.

Relatives reported Rodriguez-Singh was abusive and neglectful towards Noel. She allegedly referred to him as “evil” and “possessed.” One relative said they witnessed Rodriguez-Singh strike the boy for drinking water, as she didn’t want him wetting his diaper.

After Noel was last seen by a doctor in July 2022, Rodriguez-Singh allegedly borrowed another child to pose as Noel at medical appointments. She told the boy’s stepfather and relatives different stories about what happened to Noel.

Police said leads about Noel being sold or taken to Mexico were likely false claims by the mother intended to misdirect the investigation. Rodriguez-Singh and her husband flew with their other children to India two days after Noel was reported missing, where they remain overseas fugitives.

Authorities are working to extradite the couple back to the U.S. The capital murder charge against the mother indicates prosecutors aim to seek the death penalty in the presumed killing of her disabled son. Police hope eventually to recover Noel’s remains.