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Republican lawmaker admits no evidence yet for Biden impeachment inquiry he backed

By Jake Beardslee · December 15, 2023

In brief…

  • Rep. Joyce admitted he has seen no evidence so far to justify the Biden impeachment inquiry he voted to approve
  • Joyce said the process is meant for presidents who have lost mental capacity, committed crimes in office, or engaged in gross misconduct
  • His goal was to advance the investigation so committees can gather and present information
  • When asked what crimes Biden committed, Joyce could not provide an answer
Rep. Dave Joyce acknowledged he has not yet seen evidence backing impeachment against President Biden but voted to formalize the inquiry anyway to compel production of documents and let committees build their case.  U.S. House Office of Photography/Wikimedia

Rep. Dave Joyce (R-Ohio) admitted in a NewsNation interview on Wednesday that he has not yet seen evidence to justify the impeachment investigation into President Biden that he voted to approve earlier that day. Joyce stated that the impeachment process is intended for removing presidents who have lost their mental capacity, committed crimes while in office, or engaged in egregious misconduct like former Rep. George Santos. However, Joyce said “I don’t see that yet” with Biden.

Joyce explained that his decision was based on moving the investigation forward so committees can orderly gather and present information for members to make reasoned judgments. When pressed on what crimes Biden is accused of, Joyce could not provide an answer. He said he looks forward to the three investigative committees building their case, stating “You either have the evidence or you don’t.” Joyce noted he supported the formal inquiry partly to compel the White House to provide documents requested last month that it previously refused to turn over, comparing the effort to requesting a subpoena versus actual impeachment.