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Super Bowl commercials: Where 30 seconds makes celebs $10 million richer

By Jake Beardslee · February 9, 2024

Super Bowl commercials: Where 30 seconds makes celebs $10 million richer

Come Super Bowl Sunday, brands are willing to shell out tens of millions of dollars for a mere 30 seconds of airtime with over 100 million people tuned in.  Arnie Papp/Wikimedia

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck scored close to $10 million for his 2023 Dunkin' ad. The spot helped boost sales to record levels the next day.  Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America/Wikimedia

Larry David

Larry David also got $10 million for his 2022 FTX ad before the company's collapse.  Angela George/Wikimedia

A-listers rarely do endorsement deals, so they command huge sums when they do. Most get $1 million to $3 million.  John Tornow/Wikimedia

Several stars this year got over $5 million for less than 20 seconds of screen time.  Spc. Brandon C. Dyer/Wikimedia

Even brief cameos start around $25,000. But big names rarely get less than $1 million.  Arnie Papp/Wikimedia

Talent agencies have over 30 celebs starring in game day ads. But they turn down over 70% of offers, according to CNN.  Arnie Papp/Wikimedia

Stars want campaigns that fit their brand. But the matchups are worth it. Last year's game drew 115 million viewers.  SAB0TEUR/Wikimedia

Ad rates topped $7 million per 30 seconds this year. Most spots sold out by November.  Thomson200/Wikimedia

With production, brands spend $15 million to $50 million per ad. Talent costs run $10 to $15 million.  U.S. Air Force Photo by Tech. Sgt. Christopher Boitz/Wikimedia

This year's trend is packing multiple stars into one ad. That means multiple big paydays.  Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Keenan Daniels/Wikimedia