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Another Texas Congressman Slams Abbott’s ‘Barbaric’ Border Program

By Mara Lafontaine · July 24, 2023

In brief…

  • Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro denounced Texas Governor Greg Abbott's state initiative to deter border crossings.
  • Castro called Abbott's tactics, such as hidden razor wire and water buoys, "cruel and barbaric."
  • Castro questioned Abbott's motivations, suggesting the operation is aimed at appealing to the Governor's base rather than controlling migration.
  • Castro said a pregnant woman miscarried after being caught on razor wire and denied help.
  • The Biden Justice Department has threatened legal action if Abbott doesn't remove the barriers.
The Rio Grande at Eagle Pass, TX  Billy Hathorn at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro gave a blistering indictment of Governor Greg Abbott’s border-control policies, calling his tactics “extremely cruel and barbaric.”

Castro said Abbott’s “Operation Lone Star” initiative designed to deter illegal border crossings, is in reality a hodgepodge of inhuman measures such as hidden razor wire and dangerous buoys. “These things are death traps,” Castro told CNN regarding the installation of barriers near Eagle Pass, TX. Earlier this week, a state trooper tasked with carrying out Republican Abbott’s directives said he was told to push migrants into the river and deny them drinking water.

“For the governor to have already ordered razor wire to be placed in the water - and particularly in parts of the water where the water rises and people can’t see the razor wire, so they’re bumping into that razor wire without being able to see it - to deny people in 105, 110-degree heat any water, is just extremely cruel and barbaric,” Castro said. 

Castro said Abbott’s offensive has cost Texans approximately $4.5 billion to date. “This is simply a way for Greg Abbott to feed red meat to a base of people who he thinks agree with him,” Castro declared, adding that Texans he had spoken to, both Republicans and Democrats, were “shocked and embarrassed” at the governor’s actions.

The Democratic congressman pointed to several horrific incidents, including a pregnant woman who got caught on razor wire and eventually miscarried after being denied assistance. Abbott and his Public Safety chief, Steve McCraw, have denied these reports. Castro questioned Abbott and McCraw’s veracity in light of their handling of last year’s school shootings in Uvalde, Texas. “They looked the world in the eye, and they lied for weeks and weeks… They’ve got a real credibility problem. And I just don’t believe the governor,” said Castro.

Castro and 87 other House Democrats have appealed to the White House for federal intervention, while the Justice Department has threatened legal action if Abbott doesn’t remove the barriers. Castro said he remains intent on putting a stop to “Greg Abbott’s barbarism.”