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The ‘Barbie Botox’ Craze: Women Seek to Mimic Iconic Doll’s Long Neck

By Jake Beardslee · August 5, 2023

In brief…

  • Women are getting "Barbie Botox" injections in their neck/shoulder muscles in hopes of emulating the slender, elongated neck of the Barbie doll.
  • The trend has gone viral on TikTok.
  • Patients claim it makes their necks appear thinner and longer, while also relieving tension.
  • Experts warn it can weaken neck muscles.
  • Doctors caution that results can vary and the procedure should only be performed on suitable candidates.
A new beauty trend called "Barbie Botox" has patients lining up in hopes of emulating the slender Barbie-doll neckline.  DALL·E 2

A new beauty trend is sweeping social media, with women receiving Botox injections in their neck muscles as they seek to capture the slender, elongated neckline of the iconic Barbie doll.

The “Barbie Botox” craze has gone viral on TikTok, with videos showing dramatic before-and-after images of women’s necklines after getting shots in their trapezius muscles, which run across the back of the neck and shoulders. When injected with Botox, the muscles relax, appearing thinner while giving the illusion of a longer, more elegant neckline.

TikTok user @upkeepbeauty testified: “My shoulders feel more relaxed” after the procedure.

Barbie Botox aficionados claim that in addition to cosmetic benefits, the neck injections can “relieve tension” and “improve posture.” Plastic surgeons have promoted the trend on social media, with Dr. David Rosenberg, user @rosenbergplasticsurgery stating on TikTok, that the treatment gives people a “swan-like neck.” Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, posting on TikTok as @realdrbae, said patients get “a lot of relief” from muscle tension in their necks as a result of the injections.

Experts warn, however, that over use of Botox can eventually damage and weaken one’s trapezius muscles. The muscles are vital for basic movements like turning one’s head and lifting one’s shoulders.

Dr. Aamer Khan told Daily Mail, “If the Botox is injected into blood vessels, it can make people feel a bit feverish. People can get a bit unwell with it. It can cause weakness in the muscle as well.”

While many medical facilities have noticed an uptick in interest in “Barbie Botox,” doctors caution that the procedure should be done carefully and only on suitable candidates. Patients with unrealistic expectations, they warn, will likely be disappointed with the actual outcomes. As with any cosmetic procedure, experts emphasize consulting with one’s physician before undergoing these, or any other, Botox treatments.