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The Day’s Best Political Cartoons for April 13, 2024

By CM Chaney · April 13, 2024

The Day's Best Political Cartoons for April 13, 2024

Throughout the annals of human history, political cartoons have served as a powerful and influential medium for the commentary, critique, and lampooning of political figures and events.

Their origins can be traced back to ancient civilizations, but their contemporary form began to take shape during the 18th century.

Today, political cartoons remain a critical tool for satire, humor, and social commentary, adapting to the digital age through webcomics and social media. They continue to play an integral role in shaping public discourse and offering incisive commentary on political landscapes worldwide.

Here are the best political cartoons for April 13, 2024  Clifford Berryman / Wikimedia

You're Doing Way Too Much

@tc2oons  @tc2oons/X

Perhaps We Erred

@mluckovichajc  @mluckovichajc/X

Abortion Rulings

@EandPCartoons  @EandPCartoons/X

The Grand Canyon State

@EandPCartoons  @EandPCartoons/X

Bad Bibi

@BJennings90  @BJennings90/X

Another Space Not 33,000 Square Feet

@BillBramhall  @BillBramhall/X

Apple Monoply

@EandPCartoons  @EandPCartoons/X

Got Any More Gold Beans?

@EandPCartoons  @EandPCartoons/X

Introducing My Veep

@EandPCartoons  @EandPCartoons/X

Not A Good Look

@Ramireztoons  @Ramireztoons/X


@EandPCartoons  @EandPCartoons/X

Block Out Glasses

@EandPCartoons  @EandPCartoons/X

What Republicans Mean By MAGA

@claytoonz  @claytoonz/X

Is Reality Fluid?

@ScottStantis  @ScottStantis/X

Boulevard Of Broken Temperature Records

@Royaards  @Royaards/X

Nevermind Ukraine

@mortenmorland  @mortenmorland/X

Forced Birth

@Nick_Anderson_  @Nick_Anderson_/X


@BennettCartoons  @BennettCartoons/X

The ReSluglican Party

@GoldingCartoons  @GoldingCartoons/X

Cirq Du So Long

@MatttDavies  @MatttDavies/X