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Trump investigator Fani Willis’s phone records raise doubts about her testimony

By Jake Beardslee · February 23, 2024

In brief…

  • New evidence indicates Wade visited Willis's condo 35+ times before being hired in Trump case, contradicting their testimony about when relationship began
  • Investigator analyzed Wade's phone records, found over 2,000 calls & 12,000 texts between them before November 2021
  • Records show Wade at Willis's condo overnight on 2 occasions before being hired
  • Judge to hear arguments on disqualifying prosecutors next Friday based on evidence of conflict of interest
  • Ruling could end historic Trump prosecution if judge finds perjury
New phone record analysis raises questions about the veracity of Georgia prosecutors' statements on when their romantic relationship began, possibly jeopardizing the Trump election case.  Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America/Wikimedia

New evidence raises questions about the timeline presented by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade regarding when their romantic relationship began, according to an analysis of cell phone data commissioned by former President Trump’s legal team. The data indicates Wade visited Willis’s condo at least 35 times before he was hired as special counsel in the Trump case on November 1, 2021, contradicting their sworn testimony that the relationship started in early 2022, according to The Hill.

The report was filed Friday by Trump’s lead Georgia attorney Steve Sadow, who said investigator Charles Mittelstadt used a tool called CellHawk to analyze Wade’s phone records from the first 11 months of 2021. “This conservative analysis…revealed a minimum of 35 occasions when Mr. Wade’s phone connected for an extended period to either one of those towers in closest proximity to the Dogwood address based upon associated data use, voice calls or text messages,” Mittelstadt wrote.

The analysis found over 2,000 phone calls and 12,000 texts between Wade and Willis during that period. It highlighted two nights when Wade allegedly arrived at Willis’s condo in the late evening and remained until the early morning hours.

Both prosecutors testified under oath that the relationship began in 2022. Judge Scott McAfee will hear arguments next Friday on whether to disqualify them, which he said could happen if evidence shows “an actual conflict of interest or the appearance of one.”