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Trump: Gen. Milley should be executed for ‘egregious’ conduct

By CM Chaney · September 26, 2023

In brief…

  • Trump attacked outgoing Gen. Mark Milley for acts that he implied were potentially criminal.
  • Milley made several allegations about Trump's conduct in a recent Atlantic article.
  • He called Milley's handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal "embarrassing."
  • Trump suggested Milley colluded with China and would be condemned to "death" in times gone by.
  • The remarks may violate Trump's release conditions for upcoming trials.
Trump attacked outgoing Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Mark Milley (above), calling his conduct worthy of execution.  U.S. Army Europe Images from Wiesbaden, Germany/Wikimedia

Former President Donald Trump lashed out at General Mark Milley on social media, suggesting the outgoing Joint Chiefs chairman should face execution for his conduct while serving under the Trump administration.

In a post on his Truth Social platform, Trump referred to Milley’s handlng of the Afghanistan withdrawal as “the most embarrassing moment in American history,” and accused him of improperly communicating with China.

“This guy turned out to be a Woke train wreck who, if the Fake News reporting is correct, was actually dealing with China to give them a heads up on the thinking of the President of the United States. This is an act so egregious that, in times gone by, the punishment would have been DEATH!” Trump wrote.

The heated comments come after Milley was profiled in a recent Atlantic article, describing instances where he claims Trump disparaged military veterans.

In one alleged incident, Trump referred to a wounded veteran singing “God Bless America” as someone “no one wants to see,” and said soldiers are “all just killers.”

According to Milley, Trump also praised disgraced Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, who was convicted of posing with the corpse of an ISIS fighter.

In his post, Trump referenced calls Milley made to China in late 2020, assuring Beijing officials that the U.S. had no plans to attack after intelligence reports suggested China feared a surprise U.S. strike. Milley testified before Congress that he made the calls to “de-escalate” tensions during the presidential transition.

Trump’s social media attacks could be a violation of his release conditions for upcoming trials related to the Mar-a-Lago documents case and 2020 election interference probe. If Milley is a witness in either case, Trump could face penalties for the intimidating statements.

Milley is set to retire next week after serving as Joint Chiefs Chairman under the Trump and Biden administrations.