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Trump rips ‘insane’ Dems - Want ‘to legalize drugs…mutilation’ of kids

By Jake Beardslee · September 27, 2023

In brief…

  • Trump spoke to auto workers in Michigan, attacking Democrats on gender issues, jobs, and the auto industry.
  • Trump claimed Democrats support "mutilation of children without parent consent," saying the country has "gone insane."
  • Trump told the crowd Democrats "put your children last," while he puts "America first every single time."
During a speech to auto workers in Mich., Former President Donald Trump (above) slammed Democrats, claiming they support the "mutilation of children."  Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America/Wikimedia

Opting to skip the second Republican primary debate and instead speak to blue-collar workers in Michigan, former President Donald Trump took aim at his rival Democrats, slamming them for giving more attention to child gender issues than American jobs.

“Today’s radical Democrat Party wants to legalize drugs, shoplifting and sexual mutilation of your children,” Trump told the crowd. “They want to allow your gas-powered suburban Silverados and Ford F-150s to die. Under the Trump administration, gasoline engines will be allowed, and sex changes for children will be banned. Is that okay?”

“Mutilation of children without parental consent. The whole thing is insane. The country has gone insane,” he continued. “I will not allow, under any circumstances, the American automobile industry to die. I want it to thrive and to thrive like never before. So we’re here today at Drake Enterprises, a family-owned, beautiful place. And I also want choice for schools. Do we agree with that choice? This is about autoworkers and automobiles…period. But I think we can say that everybody wants to see choice in schools.”

Trump concluded: “So let me say to every UAW member and skilled workers all across our nation : Joe Biden, the Democrat Party, and their political cronies ceased to serve your interests a long time ago. They don’t care about you. In reality, they don’t represent you. They represent a deep-state bureaucracy, a global financial class, and a political class that have taken control of this country for their own enrichment and self-purposes.

“They’re stealing your wealth and stealing your labor while shipping off our best and brightest to die in expensive, exotic foreign wars and countries that you’ve never even heard of.”

Trump ended with a haymaker aimed at his expected rival in the 2024 election, President Joe Biden.

“I’m fighting for my rights and fighting for my freedom against the coordinated, corrupt, very politicized forces of evil. [Biden] puts your children last. That’s going at the top of my list. He puts everything that’s good last. Mine is slightly different. I put America first every single time.”