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Ultra Right Beer’s Trump mugshot can could earn a whopping $2 mil

By CM Chaney · September 29, 2023

In brief…

  • "Woke-free" Ultra Right Beer was launched by "Conservative Dad," Seth Weathers, following Bud Light-ad backlash earlier this year.
  • The company featured a black-and-white version of Trump's now-famous mugshot on its beer can.
  • The Trump campaign is also capitalizing on the viral mugshot, selling mugshot shirts and mugs.
  • Ultra Right's founder predicts the beer will top $2 million in sales by Sunday, with the company donating 10% of sales to GOP legal funds.
Ultra Right Beer's controversial new can featuring Trump's mugshot earned $500,000 within 12 hours.  Image:

The new “woke-free” beer brand, Ultra Right Beer, has generated immense sales and popularity after releasing a limited-edition can featuring former President Donald Trump’s mugshot.

According to founder Seth Weathers, known online as “Conservative Dad,” the company raked in $500,000 within 12 hours of the can’s launch. Weathers predicts total sales could top $2 million before the can’s availability ends Sunday midnight.

The can, labeled “Conservative Dad’s Revenge,” displays a black-and-white version of Trump’s viral booking photo.

On its website, the company touts the brew as “100% American Beer” that “will become the most collectible beer can in American history.”

“Sales have poured in from the moment we launched,” Weathers said.

Ten percent of sales will go towards legal defense funds for the Georgia Republican Party and its chair, David Shafer.

Ultra Right was founded in April after Bud Light’s marketing partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney prompted calls for a boycott. Just 12 days after launching, Ultra Right gained over 10,000 customers, sold 20,000 six-packs, and was on pace to surpass $1 million in sales.

Ultra Right sells for $19.99 per six-pack and targets consumers who “know which restroom to use.”

Trump’s campaign also capitalized on his mugshot’s popularity through shirts, mugs, and can koozies. The merchandise is sold on his website.

Trump’s arrest photo went viral after being publicly released last month.