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Voter removed after confronting Fetterman on Israel ceasefire in viral video

By CM Chaney · October 30, 2023

In brief…

  • Supporter ejected after asking Fetterman about backing Israel ceasefire
  • Kovalik said he was "assaulted" for questioning the Senator
  • Fetterman has unequivocally supported Israel after Hamas attacks
  • Incident raises questions over handling of policy discussions
A John Fetterman supporter who says he voted for the Senator was forcibly removed from an event after confronting Fetterman about not advocating for an Israel ceasefire.  Governor Tom Wolf / Wikimedia

A Pennsylvania resident who says he voted for Democratic Senator John Fetterman was ejected from an event after confronting Fetterman about not supporting a ceasefire in Israel.

Dan Kovalik tweeted a video of the exchange, claiming he was “assaulted” after questioning Fetterman’s failure to back a Gaza ceasefire.

“Can I ask you something? Why aren’t you supporting a humanitarian ceasefire?” Kovalik asked Fetterman in the clip.

An off-screen individual appeared to take issue with the question.

Kovalik insisted it’s a democracy and he can ask the Senator anything as a voter. He noted 10,000 in Gaza have been killed, half children, and the Pope and UN called for a ceasefire.

Before he could finish, Kovalik was told “You need to leave” and pushed away from Fetterman and out the door.

“Because I asked the Senator a question?” Kovalik responded as he was forcibly removed.

The person filming called it an assault. It’s unclear if the individual removing Kovalik worked for Fetterman. The Senator’s team hasn’t commented.

Kovalik later tweeted he had paid for a ticket to the event. Fetterman has staunchly supported Israel after a Hamas attack in October. He said the U.S. must stand with its ally against the threat.

Fetterman also criticized fellow Democrats for believing Hamas claims that Israel targeted a Gaza hospital. The U.S. has affirmed Israel’s right to self-defense against terrorism.