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What’s Behind Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Apple, AMD, Caterpillar Stock Purchases?

By Jake Beardslee · May 30, 2024

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia recently disclosed purchasing shares in six different companies across the technology and infrastructure sectors.  Jack Gruber / USA TODAY NETWORK

The stocks she bought include tech giants Apple and Advanced Micro Devices, heavy equipment maker Caterpillar, energy infrastructure firm Kinder Morgan, utility company Southern Company, and financial services firm Charles Schwab.  Nick Chong / Unsplash

While Greene did not provide a rationale for her investments, there are some potential reasons behind her stock picks.  Josh Morgan / USA TODAY

Apple and AMD offer exposure to the booming artificial intelligence (AI) market through products and services like Apple's AI language model efforts and AMD's new AI-focused graphics processors.  Brian Wong / Wikimedia

On the infrastructure side, companies like Caterpillar, Kinder Morgan, and Southern stand to benefit from increased spending from the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.  Grendelkhan / Wikimedia

Caterpillar has a large equipment backlog, while Kinder Morgan is expanding its natural gas pipeline network and Southern recently brought a new nuclear plant online.  Kenneth C. Zirkel / Wikimedia

The purchases also give Greene's portfolio some diversification into sectors like energy and financials through Kinder Morgan and Schwab respectively.  Jack Gruber / USA TODAY NETWORK

Several of the stocks, including Caterpillar, Kinder Morgan, and Southern, also pay dividends, providing a stream of passive income.  Yorgos Ntrahas / Unsplash

Financial experts caution against blindly following stock picks from politicians. While Greene's buys span major companies with bullish growth drivers, investors should thoroughly research any potential investments to ensure they align with their goals and risk tolerance.  Nicholas Cappello / Unsplash

The congresswoman's trades provide a window into how some elected officials are allocating their investment dollars across major sectors like technology and infrastructure amid the AI boom and government spending programs.  Jack Gruber / USA TODAY NETWORK