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What’s New On Netflix This Weekend? - November 10-12, 2023

By CM Chaney · November 10, 2023

What's New On Netflix This Weekend - November 10-12, 2023  Netflix

Netflix began in 1997 as a DVD rental service that allowed customers to order movies online and have them shipped to their homes.

Founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California, Netflix offered a wider selection of film titles than traditional video rental stores. The company began streaming movies online in 2007, allowing instant viewing on personal computers. In 2010, Netflix expanded into international markets and introduced its streaming service on various consumer electronics like game consoles and smart TVs.

Propelled by hit original shows like House of Cards and Stranger Things, Netflix’s streaming subscriber base grew exponentially in the 2010s. The service now produces numerous original films and series and has over 200 million subscribers worldwide. T

hrough pioneering online media streaming, Netflix has disrupted the home entertainment industry and become one of the leaders of the internet television revolution.

Every day, the company is adding new content to its platform. Here’s what’s new on Netflix this weekend - November 10-12, 2023.

November 10, 2023

At the Moment (Season 1)

This anthology series set during the pandemic follows 10 unique love stories of passion and heartache.

Fame After Fame / ¡Sálvese quien pueda! (Season 1 – New Episodes Weekly)

After 14 successful years on Spanish TV, the biggest personalities of “Sálvame” look for new job opportunities across America in this reality series.

Itxaso and the Sea (Season 1)

After her mother unexpectedly passes, 17-year-old Itxaso is thrust into a new life in a small surfing town where she knows no one - not even her father.

Oregon (2023)

On vacation in Istanbul in the ’80s, an offbeat couple lands in a sticky situation while trying to return a friend’s cassette tape.

Team Ninja Warrior (Season 2)

Three-player squads of elite athletes compete side by side on punishing obstacle courses designed to test their strength, stamina and team spirit.

The Killer (2023)

November 11, 2023

Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County (Season 3)

In affluent Laguna Beach, Calif., a tight-knit group of high school friends juggle romantic relationships, peer pressure and major life decisions.