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Woman poisons boyfriend hours after he inherited $30M

By CM Chaney · November 2, 2023

In brief…

  • North Dakota woman charged with poisoning boyfriend who had just inherited $30 million.
  • Boyfriend got sick and died after collecting massive inheritance sum.
  • Police allege financial motives, as woman claimed she was entitled to split fortune.
  • Latest in a string of domestic poisonings by partners seeking victims' money.
A North Dakota woman was charged with murdering her boyfriend by fatal poisoning just hours after he had inherited $30 million.  Minot Police Department

A North Dakota woman has been charged with fatally poisoning her boyfriend just hours after he inherited $30 million, police said.

Ina Thea Kenoyer, 47, was arrested for the September 5th murder of Steven Edward Riley Jr., 51.

According to police, Riley became ill after meeting with his lawyer to collect the massive $30 million inheritance. However, Kenoyer did not call 911 until the next day, when paramedics arrived to find Riley unresponsive. He died in the hospital a day later.

An autopsy revealed Riley had ingested antifreeze, which police allege Kenoyer poisoned him with. Kenoyer proclaimed her innocence on Facebook prior to her arrest, claiming Riley had killed himself.

Investigators say financial motives led Kenoyer to murder Riley shortly after he received his fortune. She claimed she was entitled to split the inheritance as Riley’s common-law wife, though North Dakota does not recognize such relationships.

Additionally, Riley had revealed plans to end the relationship after getting the money, leading police to believe Kenoyer killed him to secure the inheritance.

“I had a feeling it was her with how everything played out,” Riley’s grieving son wrote on Facebook.

Kenoyer was charged with AA felony murder and is being held without bond. She is representing herself in the case.

The alleged poisoning is the latest in a trend of scorned partners killing for money. Last week, a Mayo Clinic doctor was charged with poisoning his wife to cash in a life insurance policy amid marital troubles. Another woman in Utah allegedly killed her husband with fentanyl-laced alcohol to access funds for a mansion.