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25 Hobbies That Blur the Line Between Bizarre and Brilliant

By Jake Beardslee · March 19, 2024

Wife Carrying

Originating in Finland, this sport involves men racing while carrying their wives or partners on their backs over an obstacle course​.  U.S. Air Force photo/Cortney Paxton/Wikimedia

Cheese Rolling

This traditional UK event involves chasing a wheel of cheese down a steep hill, combining danger with dairy in a competition that's as strange as it is captivating.  BrianP/Wikimedia

Ostrich Racing

A hobby that requires balance and bravery, ostrich racing is a sport where participants ride the world's largest bird species at speeds up to 43 mph​.  Lip Kee from Singapore, Republic of Singapore/Wikimedia

Collecting Navel Fluff

An oddly specific pastime, some individuals find collecting lint from their belly buttons fascinating enough to turn it into a hobby​.  Dave Lauretti from Burlington, Canada/Unsplash

Dumpster Diving

While it may sound unappealing to some, dumpster diving is a thrilling treasure hunt for others, offering the chance to discover valuable items discarded by others.  iggii/Unsplash

Shin Kicking

As a form of combat sport dating back to the 17th century, shin kicking involves participants attempting to knock their opponent to the ground by kicking their shins.  Tim Wilson/Unsplash


This modern treasure hunting game uses GPS to find hidden caches around the world, blending outdoor adventure with digital technology​.  Tamas Tuzes-Katai/Unsplash

Extreme Couponing

Far from ordinary coupon usage, extreme couponing involves collecting and organizing coupons to save massive amounts of money on shopping trips.  Carol Pyles from Winter Haven, FL/Wikimedia


Practiced by those following various pagan traditions, witchcraft involves the use of herbs, crystals, and spells for healing, manifestation, and prophecy.  Enrique Bancalari/Unsplash

Chess Boxing

A hybrid sport that combines chess and boxing, participants must be skilled both intellectually and physically, switching between rounds of each discipline​.  WCBO/Wikimedia


An extreme form of urban exploration, rooftopping involves climbing to high, often precarious places in cities to take selfies or enjoy the view​.  FreeclimbZurich/Wikimedia

Snakeskin Collecting

Unlike more common collections, some enthusiasts focus on acquiring skins shed by snakes, appreciating the beauty of these reptilian patterns.  Michael Jerrard/Unsplash

Knot Tying

A hobby that celebrates the art of knotting, enthusiasts enjoy mastering and creating various types of knots for practical and decorative purposes.  Miguel A Amutio/Unsplash

Soap Carving

This calming and artistic hobby involves sculpting soap into intricate designs, offering a meditative experience along with creative expression​.  Jazzmanian at English Wikibooks/Wikimedia

News Raiding

The goal of news raiding is to appear on television broadcasts, often by interrupting live news segments in humorous or unexpected ways​.  Freddy Kearney/Unsplash

Tree Shaping

By manipulating the growth of trees over time, hobbyists create living sculptures, combining gardening with artistic design.  Blackash at English Wikipedia/Wikimedia

Hikaru Dorodango

A Japanese hobby that involves creating highly polished balls out of mud. It's a process that requires patience and results in a surprisingly beautiful product.  Asturio Cantabrio/Wikimedia

Keeping Isopods

A unique form of pet keeping, enthusiasts collect and care for isopods, which are a type of crustacean, enjoying their low maintenance and exotic nature.  Gilles San Martin/Wikimedia

Painting Rocks

This hobby allows people to express their creativity by painting designs on rocks, which can range from simple patterns to intricate landscapes​.  Mariah Hewines/Unsplash


Also known as bug collecting, this hobby involves the study and collection of insects, which can be both a scientific pursuit and a personal hobby.  AlbaRebollarAntúnez/Wikimedia

Tattooing Vehicles

A niche form of art, enthusiasts paint or tattoo designs onto vehicles, transforming ordinary cars into moving pieces of artwork.  Mohammad Fathollahi/Unsplash


Inspired by the Harry Potter series, Quidditch has been adapted into a real-life sport with players running with broomsticks, playing a game similar to the fictional version​.  BenHollandPhotography/Wikimedia

ARGs (Alternate Reality Games)

A blend of real-world treasure hunting, puzzle-solving, and online interaction, ARGs create a game layer over the real world for players to explore and solve mysteries.  Jonathan Kemper/Unsplash

Ghost Hunting

Enthusiasts visit supposed haunted locations to investigate paranormal activities, using various equipment to capture evidence of ghosts​.  Erik Müller/Unsplash

Competitive Dog Grooming

Participants spend considerable time grooming and styling their dogs, aiming for awards and recognition in competitions. This hobby showcases creativity and a deep bond between owners and their pets, blending artistic expression with animal care​.  Александр Гросс/Unsplash