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A New Era in Online Dating? Keeper CEO Claims AI Will Revolutionize Matchmaking

By Belal Awad · July 26, 2023

In brief…

  • Keeper - a new dating platform - aims to revolutionize online dating with AI-based matchmaking.
  • CEO Jake Kozloski claims Keeper's use of AI helps users find matches who can last a lifetime.
  • While public opinion on AI remains divided, Kozloski believes people will eventually recognize its benefits.
Keeper advertisement, a new AI-enabled dating app  Keeper

Jake Kozloski, CEO of Keeper, an emerging dating platform, claimed that artificial intelligence could revolutionize the world of online dating. Kozloski told Fox News that Keeper’s AI-enhanced approach to matchmaking can provide a more precise and efficient matching system, leading to better outcomes for users. According to its advertising, the company’s mission is “To solve the marriage and birthrate crisis by creating happy, healthy families.” Claiming to have the potential to match “you with your future spouse on the first try,” Keeper is starting to make a few waves.

Kozloski said that while traditional dating apps use AI to some extent, Keeper takes it a step further. “You can describe any preference you have in a partner - completely open-ended in natural language - and I can take whatever that is and find somebody who meets all those things,” Kozloski insisted. The approach, he claims, is akin to traditional matchmaking, but with greater precision and efficiency.

Kozloski acknowledges that the success of this AI-based system heavily depends on user honesty and integrity. He explained that if users are dishonest or don’t take the process seriously, they won’t get accurate matches. So far, according to Kozloski, users have been taking the process seriously, leading to positive results.

Despite Kozloski’s optimism about the potential of AI in dating, public opinion remains divided. A Pew Research poll found that Americans are “more concerned than excited” about AI and its role in our lives.

Taking a step back, Kozloski said, “I understand why people are going to wait and see how things play out. But I think once we’ve had a chance to really prove ourselves to everyone, they’ll get on board eventually.”