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Australian TV Host Ends Interview After Marjorie Taylor Greene Refuses to Answer 2024 Election Questions

By Jake Beardslee · June 28, 2024

A recent interview on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's "7.30" program with U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene took an unexpected turn, ending prematurely when the Georgia congresswoman refused to address a question about the 2024 U.S. presidential election.  USA TODAY

Initially invited to discuss WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's potential release, the conversation shifted when host Sarah Ferguson inquired about Greene's stance on accepting the results of the upcoming election if Joe Biden were to win. This line of questioning stemmed from Greene's history of supporting Donald Trump's claims of election fraud in 2020.  David G. Silvers, CancillerĂ­a del Ecuador / Wikimedia

The congresswoman challenged the journalist, stating, "Sarah, are you even a serious interviewer? I thought we're talking about Julian Assange here today. That's what you were asking me to come on your Australian news show."  MCKENZIE LANGE/ Staff / USA TODAY NETWORK

The interview grew tense as Greene questioned Ferguson's credibility, asking, "What does this have to do with Julian Assange?" She then accused the Australian journalist of collaborating with the Democratic Party, asking someone off-camera, "Is she getting her marching orders from the Democrat Party?"  Zach Boyden-Holmes/The Register / USA TODAY NETWORK

Ferguson defended her questioning, explaining, "You're a prominent figure in US politics. The first debate is tomorrow. The result of the election is on the minds not just of Americans, but of the whole world. So it's a natural point of curiosity." / Wikimedia

The host also referenced Greene's controversial actions, including her support for January 6 Capitol riot defendants, whom she has referred to as "hostages," according to The Independent. Last year, Greene led a group of House Republicans to tour the DC Central Detention Facility where many of these defendants were held.  Megan Mendoza/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

As Greene continued to evade the election question, Ferguson concluded the interview, stating, "But I understand that we've reached the end of the questions that you want to answer. Thank you for talking to us about Julian Assange and for joining the program."  Megan Mendoza/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

The congresswoman, visibly frustrated, removed her microphone as the studio cut her feed, bringing the tense exchange to an abrupt end.  Jack Gruber-USA TODAY