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Biden speech disrupted by fuming climate-change protester

By Jake Beardslee · September 29, 2023

In brief…

  • President Joe Biden was interrupted by a climate-change protester at an event honoring the late John McCain in Arizona.
  • The protester demanded Biden declare a national climate emergency, shouting "hundreds of Arizonans have died" due to climate issues.
  • Biden offered to meet the protester afterward if he quieted down and let him finish his speech.
  • Biden's message also included a blistering attack on former President Donald Trump, warning that a second term for Trump could threaten U.S. democracy.
A climate-change protester interrupted President Joe Biden (above) during a speech in Arizona.  The White House/Wikimedia

President Joe Biden was rudely interrupted by a climate-change protester while making remarks in Arizona honoring the late Senator John McCain.

As Biden spoke Thursday about protecting democracy, the protester stood up, shouting, “Why have you yet to declare a climate emergency? Hundreds of Arizonans have died.”

“Hang on a second. I’ll be happy to meet you after I speak, OK?” Biden responded.

When the protester persisted, Biden took sterner tone.

“I’ll tell you what – if you shush up, I’ll meet with you after this. OK?” the President said.

The audience booed the protester as security escorted him out.

“Democracy never is easy – as we just demonstrated,” Biden continued.

He said the cause of democracy is worth fighting for and makes all things possible. In his remarks, Biden also launched a direct attack on former President Donald Trump, calling him an “extremist” who is trying to undermine U.S. institutions.

Biden accused Trump of only loving the country when he wins. The President condemned “political violence,” saying it’s “never acceptable in America,” as he referenced the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Biden said giving Trump a second term would place American democracy at risk.