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Bill Maher Slams Neil deGrasse Tyson Over Political Correctness, Transgender Athletes

By CM Chaney · November 8, 2023

In brief…

  • Bill Maher argues college campuses have become too politically correct
  • Maher clashes with Neil deGrasse Tyson over criticizing woke students
  • Tyson takes a cautious approach, while Maher favors directly denouncing excess wokeness
  • Debate highlights divisions over addressing controversial cultural issues
Comedian Bill Maher had a heated debate with scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson over Maher's criticism of politically correct "woke" college students and policies.  Club Random Podcast / Screenshot / YouTube

Comedian Bill Maher continues criticizing woke culture, recently blasting politically correct college students during a debate with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

On the Club Random Podcast, Maher argued today’s college campuses have gone “insane” in suppressing free speech. He said students wrongly equate opposing views to violence, deeming them “nuts.”

When Tyson suggested the fault lies with Maher rather than students, the host passionately disagreed.

“I have given up on any place that doesn’t even remotely attempt to believe in free speech, and thinks that anything they hear that they don’t like, that they don’t agree with is violence. These people are (effing) nuts, and you should be calling them out,” Maher ranted.

“You’re doing what parents do: You’re taking the path of least resistance, and therefore hurting the kids and yourself. Parents ruin both their lives. They ruin their (effing) spoiled kids’ lives, and they ruin their own lives because the kids rule the roost. So that’s what you’re doing on a national level.”

Tyson defended his approach, saying it’s “not good enough to be right” and he wishes to avoid “land mines.” The two also sparred over transgender athletes in women’s sports.

Rather than restrict participation by biological sex, Tyson proposed categorizing athletes by hormone levels. Maher deemed the idea “absolutely insane,” questioning Tyson’s scientific credentials.

Maher also challenged the safety of giving hormones to minors. But Tyson flipped the question back on Maher, asking if he’s so “deeply concerned” about transgender health.

The debate highlights Maher’s reputation as an outspoken liberal voice against extreme political correctness. He feels colleges have worsened in suppressing free speech over time.

Maher claims he no longer performs on campuses intolerant of diverse opinions. He aims to call out excessive wokeness where he sees it.

Tyson adopted a more cautious approach in the exchange. He avoided directly confronting woke students or controversial policies like transgender athletes.

While Tyson stressed empathy and effectiveness, Maher favored bluntly denouncing what he sees as ideological excess. Their clashing perspectives encapsulate today’s divides over navigating charged cultural issues.

You can watch the full conversation below.