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BREAKING: Photo Shows Putin Sidekick-Turned-Rebel Prigozhin in Belarus Camp Amid Controversy

By Matt De Vlieger · July 14, 2023

In brief…

  • A UK citizen, known as Cossack Gundi, who was once on death row in eastern Ukraine, shared an Instagram post featuring an image of Yevgeny Prigozhin, a former associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a Belarusian camp.
  • The photo depicted Prigozhin sitting in a crowded military tent, wearing only underwear, suggests a stark contrast between his apparent comfort and the hardships faced by prisoners.
  • The Belarusian president recently said Prigozhin was no longer in the country, adding to the mystery surrounding the photo's context and Prigozhin's whereabouts.
The origin of this photo is not identified but it appears to be from the social media of someone close to Prgozhin.
Image allegedly shows Putin's new internal nemesis, Yevgeny Prigozhin sitting in his underwear on a cot in a Belarussian camp for Wagner soldiers who staged a rebellion and potential Moscow coup in recent weeks.  @cossackgundi / Instagram

In a recent Instagram post, Cossack Gundi, a UK citizen and fighter for Ukraine who was recently released from death row by Russian-backed militants in eastern Ukraine, shared an unexpected image renewing interest and raising questions over the whereabouts of Yevgeny Prigozhin, former-friend-turned-nemesis of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This follows Prigozhin’s ephemeral attempt last month to unseat the Russian ruler.

The photograph, which surfaced on social media, captures Prigozhin seated on a camping cot inside a crowded military tent in Belarus. Clad solely in his underwear, the image presents a stark contrast between the apparent comfort of Prigozhin’s surroundings and the grim realities faced by those imprisoned in the conflict-ridden region.

Accompanying the photo, Cossack Gundi’s caption read:

“A recent image from Prigozhin in his new campsite in Belarus, looks like he’s living the dream.”

While the date of the photo remains unknown, its emergence has reignited public interest while raising questions over Prigozhin’s current whereabouts and activities.

Prigozhin, known for his close ties to President Putin and control of the notorious private army known as the Wagner Group, has long been a subject of international scrutiny. He and his band of mercenaries have engaged in conflicts in Ukraine, Sudan, Central African Republic and many other regions, allegedly as a proxy for his former-ally Putin. The Instagram post of his photograph only deepens the intrigue surrounding Prigzhin and his ultimate fate.