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For Open Champ Harman, Persistence Finally Paid Off

By Jake Beardslee · July 24, 2023

Veteran golfer Brian Harman finally captured his first major championship title with a hard-fought victory at the 151st Open Championship.  8th Theater Sustainment Command PAO from Fort Shafter, United States, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Brian Harman captured the 151st Open Championship at Royal Liverpool Golf Club on Sunday. In his post-round interview with NBC Golf, Harman opened up about the mental battle leading to his victory.

“I was a wreck last night…I’ve been a wreck the whole week…I kept thinking about something [football coach] Kirby Smart said: ‘I’m not going to be hunted. I’m going to hunt,’” Harman said. “I decided to get out and and try and take as much control as I could. And when I made a couple of putts on the front nine, I felt like it settled down, and I felt like I had a lot of control.”

When asked exactly made him “a wreck,” Harman explained, “Just future forecasting and worrying about what could happen…I was in the shower this morning and I was like, ‘You know, nothing bad has happened yet. Let’s get out there. Let’s get warmed up. Let’s get ready to go, and let’s do our best.’”

Reaching his career pinnacle with his Open win, Harman said, “That’s been a lot of work. I’m 36 years old. I put a lot of time, a lot of sacrifice into this game. So, to be able to take a minute and just be like, ‘I did it!’”

With a major win under his belt, Harman has a solid chance of making the U.S. Ryder Cup team later this year. “I’ve always wanted to be on a team,” he said. “I’ve wanted to earn it and make my play. Let my play do the talking. And if it’s enough, great. And if not, that’s fine, too.”

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Brian Harman’s victory at the 151st Open Championship is a testament to perseverance and mental toughness. After years of close calls and self-doubt, Harman was finally able to conquer his inner demons and claim his first major title.

The win was not easy for Harman. He battled nerves, fatigue and uncertainty throughout the tournament. But he managed to quell those fears by staying “in the moment,” and maintaining the mind set of “a hunter.” The breakthrough win proves Harman has the talent and resolve to triumph on golf’s biggest stage - The Open. His journey shows that success is rarely linear.