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Democrat Mocks Lauren Boebert’s Theater Scandal in New Campaign Ad

By Jake Beardslee · June 21, 2024

In a recent campaign ad, Democratic candidate John Padora has taken aim at Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), highlighting her controversial ejection from a Denver theater performance. Padora, one of three Democrats vying for the party's nomination in Colorado's 4th Congressional District, filmed his ad in the same theater where Boebert was removed for inappropriate behavior.  Amanda Andrade-Rhoades for USA TODAY / USA TODAY NETWORK

Padora drew parallels between Boebert's theater incident and her political career, stating, "I'm sitting in the very same seat that Lauren Boebert got kicked out of, the same way she got kicked out of Colorado's 3rd Congressional District."  Curtis Means/Pool via USA TODAY

He criticized Boebert's decision to run in the 4th District, calling her an "opportunistic carpetbagger," according to Raw Story.  Jack Gruber, Jack Gruber / USA TODAY NETWORK

The ad references Boebert's recent controversy at a "Beetlejuice" musical performance, where she was escorted out for vaping and engaging in inappropriate behavior with a male companion.  Jack Gruber / USA TODAY

Initially denying the vaping incident, Boebert later retracted her statement after surveillance footage emerged.  Jack Gruber / USA TODAY NETWORK

In her statement, Boebert said, "Whether it was the excitement of seeing a much-anticipated production or the natural anxiety of being in a new environment, I genuinely did not recall vaping that evening when I discussed the night's events with my campaign team while confirming my enthusiasm for the musical. It's clear now that was not accurate."  Josh Morgan / USA TODAY NETWORK

Boebert, currently representing Colorado's 3rd District, has chosen to run in the more conservative 4th District, a move that Padora began challenging in May 2023.  Josh Morgan / USA TODAY

The upcoming Republican primary shows Boebert leading against business owner Peter Yu, while Padora is ahead in the Democratic race against Trisha Calvarese and Ike McCorkle.  Megan Smith / USA TODAY