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Headless Hollywood Horror: Heir charged with three murders

By CM Chaney · November 14, 2023

In brief…

  • Hollywood heir Sam Haskell IV charged with triple murder of wife and in-laws
  • Wife Mei's headless torso found in dumpster, in-laws still missing
  • Haskell arrested after surveillance video and search of family home
  • Audience cried in court hearing; wife's friends held 'Justice for Mei' signs
  • Judge ordered Haskell held without bail until next hearing in December
Hollywood heir Sam Haskell IV was charged with the gruesome triple murder of his wife and her parents after his wife's torso was found in a dumpster.  Thomas Wolf / Wikimedia

Hollywood heir Sam Haskell IV was charged on Monday with three counts of murder in connection to the disappearance of his wife Mei Haskell and her parents in Los Angeles.

Haskell, 35, was arrested last week after the headless torso of a woman, believed to be his 37-year-old wife Mei, was found in a dumpster near the family’s home where Mei’s parents also lived. The whereabouts of Mei’s parents, 72-year-old Goashan Li and 64-year-old Yanxiang Wang, remain unknown.

Haskell is the son of Hollywood producer Sam Haskell III and actress Mary Donnelly Haskell. He was charged with three counts of murder with a special circumstance alleging multiple murders were committed together. In court, Haskell said little besides answering “Yes” when asked if he understood the proceedings.

Some audience members cried during the hearing, where a group of Mei’s friends appeared with signs reading “We Miss Mei” and “Justice for Mei Today!” Haskell was ordered held without bail until his next court appearance on December 8th.

Police arrested Haskell at a mall last week, hours after the gruesome discovery of the torso in a parking lot dumpster. Surveillance video appears to show a thin man struggling to toss a heavy wrapped object into the bin in broad daylight.

Police had visited the family’s home twice before Haskell’s arrest. The first time, some day laborers said they had been asked to remove suspicious heavy bags. However, officers found no evidence then and had to leave. They returned with a warrant and found blood and other evidence inside the home.

“These shocking and gruesome crimes have sent shockwaves through our community,” said District Attorney George Gascon. “We stand with the victims’ loved ones and will do everything in our power to ensure justice is served.”