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Howard Stern blasts ‘lying’ Rep. Boebert: ‘Disgrace to country’

By Jake Beardslee · September 20, 2023

In brief…

  • Howard Stern slammed Rep. Lauren Boebert over her inappropriate "Beetlejuice" theater outing.
  • Stern called Boebert a "disgrace" for vaping, wearing a revealing outfit, and appearing to grope her date.
  • Boebert initially denied vaping, but eventually admitted that she had misbehaved.
  • She later apologized and blamed "difficult divorce."
  • The radio shock jock called Boebert a "disgrace" to the country and questioned how Colorado could elect her.
Radio shock jock Howard Stern mocked Rep. Lauren Boebert as a "disgrace" over her risqué theater date that got her kicked out of "Beetlejuice" show.  Bill Norton/Flickr

Radio host Howard Stern recently tore into pro-family-values Republican Congress Member Lauren Boebert over her controversial night out at a Denver theater, calling her a “disgrace to this country.”

Stern was responding to a listener’s question about Boebert’s ejection from a production of “Beetlejuice” last week. Video showed Boebert vaping, appearing to grope her date, and annoying the audience during the show.

Stern slammed Boebert’s behavior as highly inappropriate, especially given her position as an elected official. He criticized her provocative outfit and conduct, which he deemed unbefitting a member of Congress.

“Lauren Boebert is a disgrace to this country!” Stern said. “Forget the politics. She’s in a t*tty dress. She’s with some dude. Looks like she’s obviously vaping, but also looks like she might be grabbing his p***s during ‘Beetlejuice.’”

Stern’s co-host Robin Quivers questioned whether “Beetlejuice” - a family-friendly production - was even an appropriate show for such behavior.

The radio host condemned Boebert’s outright dishonesty after she first denied vaping in the theater.

“Once you get caught lying like that, goodbye!” he said.

Stern then criticized Colorado voters for electing someone like Boebert with such poor judgment.

Boebert later attributed her actions to going through a “difficult divorce” from her husband of 18 years. But she admitted her conduct fell short of her values and apologized.

Stern unrelentingly mocked the congresswoman over the incident. His graphic tirade highlighted how Boebert’s controversial night out has made her the subject of national outrage and ridicule.