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Hunter Biden contradicts himself, investigators say as impeachment probe enters next phase

By Jake Beardslee · February 29, 2024

In brief…

  • Hunter testified he did not involve his father in his business dealings
  • Comer said there were contradictions in Hunter's testimony
  • The impeachment inquiry will move to a public hearing phase
  • Hunter's lawyer later cast doubt on his public testimony
  • The probe has focused on Hunter's overseas business activities
Hunter Biden testified in the impeachment inquiry against his father, asserting no wrongdoing but facing skepticism from investigators who see contradictions in his account.  Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Wikimedia

Hunter Biden testified before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees on Wednesday as part of the Republican-led impeachment inquiry against President Biden. Hunter stated that he “did not involve” his father in his business dealings and slammed the GOP probe as a “baseless and MAGA-motivated conspiracy,” according to Fox News Digital. Despite Hunter’s assertions, House Oversight Chairman James Comer said the deposition provided evidence supporting the investigation and signaled the inquiry would move into its “next phase” with public testimony from Hunter.

During his deposition, Hunter maintained that his father “was not involved in, did not benefit from, and took no official actions to benefit any of his business ventures.” He expressed hope his testimony would “put an end to this baseless and destructive political charade.” Comer, however, suggested Hunter’s statements contradicted testimony from other witnesses. He said the committees would work to “clear up some discrepancies between some of the statements that were made” in the coming public hearing.

Hunter’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, later cast doubt on whether Hunter would actually testify publicly, saying “there is nothing left to ask, answer, say or do.” Lowell asserted “this illegitimate inquiry should have ended long before their star witness was indicted for lying but it wasn’t. Now that Hunter has put this partisan conspiracy to the lie that it is — on the record and under oath — this political charade should finally come to an end.”

The impeachment inquiry has focused in part on Hunter’s overseas business dealings, including his role on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma. Republicans allege Joe Biden was directly involved in Hunter’s ventures and improperly leveraged his position as vice president to benefit his son’s interests.