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Leaked messages show GOP lawmaker’s election meddling with Trump official

By Jake Beardslee · November 30, 2023

In brief…

  • Texts show Rep. Scott Perry worked with Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark to contest 2020 election
  • Messages highlight Perry's involvement in efforts to name Clark attorney general
  • Perry sought intelligence briefings, audits related to supposed election fraud
  • Exchanges kept confidential until federal appeals court disclosure this week
  • Messages offer window into Perry's efforts to aid Trump post-election fight
Rep. Scott Perry communicated with Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark in late 2020 regarding strategies for contesting Trump's election loss, newly public texts reveal.  United States Congress/Wikimedia

Newly revealed text messages show Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) worked closely with Trump-appointed Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark in late 2020 to contest the results of the presidential election, according to court documents made public this week.

Perry told Clark, “POTUS seems very happy with your response. I read it just as you dictated,” after Clark expressed nerves about his role. “You are the man. I have confirmed it,” Perry reassured him. “God does what he does for a reason.”

The exchanges highlight Perry’s involvement in Trump’s efforts to install Clark, who supported contesting the election, as attorney general. Perry also discussed getting Clark high-level security clearance and intelligence briefings related to election security.

Perry sought ways to challenge the election through other channels as well. He asked a former Trump official “if ‘anyone in the senate has the courage to fight’” the supposed fraud, and shared what he deemed “credible information” about Pennsylvania ballots with a Trump campaign lawyer.

Additionally, Perry communicated with members of Congress regarding suspected voter fraud in Michigan and Georgia. He also messaged his chief of staff about auditing county election systems.

The released texts provide new insight into Perry’s behind-the-scenes role in Trump’s post-election fight. Federal Judge Beryl Howell reviewed the messages confidentially before appeals court judges briefly made them public this week.