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Man arrested after holding up CVS Pharmacy with a note

By CM Chaney · November 1, 2023

In brief…

  • Man handed threatening note demanding drugs to CVS pharmacy staff in Orlando
  • Note claimed he had a gun and would shoot someone if demands not met
  • Staff filled bag with requested narcotics out of fear
  • Suspect arrested on scene with drugs; confessed to planning robbery
A man's attempt to rob an Orlando CVS by passing a threatening note demanding narcotics was thwarted when police arrested him on the scene with the stolen drugs.  Orlando Police Department

Last week, a bold robbery attempt at a CVS pharmacy in Orlando ended in the suspect’s arrest, according to police.

On October 20th, 23-year-old Thomas Mues entered the CVS on Curry Ford Road around 6 p.m. and handed a threatening note to pharmacy staff demanding specific prescription drugs.

The handwritten note warned “This is an armed robbery” and threatened to “shoot the closest person” if the demands were not met.

It listed numerous controlled substances the suspect wanted handed over, including oxycodone, Xanax, Viagra, and liquid codeine.

Pharmacy staff initially complied out of concern for their safety. The pharmacist technician who dealt directly with Mues reported not realizing it was a robbery at first until Mues insisted she read the note.

A picture of the note Mues handed over to the pharmacy staff during his robbery.  Orlando Police Department

Once the danger became clear, she handed the note to the pharmacist who proceeded to fill a brown bag with the requested pills, amounting to approximately 2,500 pills.

Mues wore a hat and surgical mask during the crime. As he exited the store laden with narcotics, police arrived on scene and gave chase. They quickly caught up to the suspect and arrested him, recovering the handwritten note and bag of pills.

Mues later admitted to police he had traveled from Jacksonville specifically to rob the Orlando CVS location. He also confessed to a similar pharmacy robbery in central Florida. He now faces charges of robbery, drug trafficking, and possession.

Witnesses reported Mues kept his hands in his pockets the entire time and did not display a weapon. In a written apology included in his police affidavit, Mues stated he did not actually have a weapon and had not intended to hurt anyone. However, his threatening note and brazen actions still terrorized pharmacy staff and could have easily ended in violence.

The suspect is currently being held without bond in the Orange County Jail pending further legal proceedings. His dramatic attempt at robbery may have gained him some drugs, but ultimately resulted in getting caught red-handed by quick-responding Orlando police.