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Megyn Kelly: Jordanian Queen ‘spinning’ murder of children

By CM Chaney · October 25, 2023

In brief…

  • Queen Rania accused Western media of bias in Israel-Hamas coverage
  • Megyn Kelly said the queen denies Hamas killed Israeli babies
  • Rania condemned Hamas attacks but focused criticism on Israel
  • She accused Israel of "butchery" and operating an "apartheid regime"
  • Amanpour challenged her to condemn Hamas' role in Palestinian suffering
Queen Rania of Jordan sparked controversy in an interview accusing Western media of pro-Israel bias in its coverage of the recent violence between Israel and Hamas, drawing a sharp rebuke from Megyn Kelly who said the queen was denying Hamas' killing of Israeli babies.  Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia

In a fiery interview with CNN this week, Queen Rania of Jordan accused the Western media of “glaring double standards” in its coverage of the recent violence between Israel and Hamas.

“The CNN website at the beginning of the conflict reported a headline of Israeli children found butchered in an Israeli kibbutz, and when you read through the story, it’s not been independently verified,” the queen told Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday, according to a transcript provided by Megyn Kelly.

Queen Rania: There's a 'glaring double standard' in how world treats Palestinians

Kelly, in response, said the queen was “trying to spin the lie” that Hamas had not killed babies.

“She apparently missed the Hamas interrogations and confessions of their brutality,” Kelly said.

The queen, who was born in Kuwait to Palestinian parents, said she “of course” condemned the killing of innocent Israelis by Hamas. But she reserved most of her sympathy for the Palestinians killed in Israel’s counterstrikes, accusing Israel of using “precision weapons” to commit “butchery at a mass scale.”

“This is a 75-year-old story - a story of overwhelming death and displacement to the Palestinian people,” Rania said.

She accused Israel of operating an “apartheid regime” and said the context of Israel as a “nuclear-armed regional superpower that occupies, oppresses and commits daily documented crimes against Palestinians is missing from the narrative.”

Megyn Kelly Calls Out the Outrageous Anti-Semitism of Jordan's Queen Rania During CNN Interview

Amanpour challenged the queen, asking if she accepted that Hamas had brought suffering on the Palestinians. Rania briefly conceded the point before returning to her criticisms of Israel.

“Why isn’t there equal condemnation to what is happening now?” she asked regarding Israel’s strikes on Hamas.

Kelly said the queen’s “beauty and elegance” blinded the West to her true attitudes.