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Mother Sues American Airlines For Lost Children

By CM Chaney · November 11, 2023

In brief…

  • Mother Amber Vencill sues American Airlines over children's experience as unaccompanied minors
  • Kids stranded overnight in Charlotte after flight cancellation
  • Children ended up in lost kids room with no food or drink
  • Vencill alleges airline was reckless and careless with her children's care
A mother is suing American Airlines after her young children flying alone were stranded overnight without food or drink after a canceled flight.  Anna Zvereva / Wikimedia

A Missouri mother is taking legal action against American Airlines after an alarming experience for her young children traveling alone.

Amber Vencill filed a lawsuit stating that her children endured concerning conditions after their flight from Missouri to New York was delayed and canceled last July. The children were flying as “unaccompanied minors,” which includes an escort to connecting flights.

According to the lawsuit, problems arose when the children landed in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their connecting flight to Syracuse was delayed then canceled. The person meant to pick them up in Syracuse was told the children would fly out the next morning and stay overnight in “a nice room for unaccompanied minors.”

Around the same time, Vencill received an email from American Airlines saying her children’s flight would not depart until the following night. Confused by the conflicting information, Vencill said she tried calling the airline but could not reach anyone. She finally contacted an airport employee who located her children in a room for lost kids.

One child told their mother the room was “freezing” and they hadn’t eaten or drank anything all day. The airport employee gave them food and drinks. The children flew to Syracuse the next day.

Vencill accused American Airlines of being “reckless” and “careless” with her children. She is seeking punitive damages.

American Airlines stated that safety and customer comfort are top priorities, including for unaccompanied minors. The airline said it is in contact with Vencill and reviewing the lawsuit details.